LANCASTER (CBS) – Lancaster’s Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco is apologizing after a WBZ-TV exclusive revealed pictures of him passed out on the hood of his car back in August.

Police took the photos of Pacheco after they say he drove drunk from a strip club in Worcester all the way to a Mobil station on Route 9 in Westborough. At that point, the police report said he stopped because he couldn’t drive anymore.

“When I arrived on scene he was unconscious on the hood of his car, his pants were around his ankles,” Westborough Police officer Steve Reale told WBZ-TV ITeam Reporter Kathy Curran on Thursday.

He had also vomited on himself.

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports

According to a police report, once police were able to wake Pacheco up and get him off the hood of his car he said, “I’m the town manager in Lancaster.”

After he failed three sobriety tests he said, “I’m having a really bad night.”

Pacheco issued a statement on Friday.

“I sincerely regret the events of the evening that led to my arrest, this lapse in judgment in very out of character for me,” the statement read.  “At no time did this incident affect my job performance or productivity.  I deeply regret how these actions have reflected on me and my family.  I am, and always have been, 100 percent committed to making sure the duties of my office are performed under any and all circumstances, and that Lancaster remains a well managed, innovative, and efficient local government.”

Under Melanie’s Law he should have lost his license for 180 days, but he’s been granted a hardship license which allows him to drive.

Pacheco noted that he received the same punishment as many other first time offenders and did not receive any special treatment.

He also mentioned he is currently participating in a court-ordered alcohol education treatment program.

Pacheco remains on the job. The town has not commented.

Comments (6)
  1. Cis says:

    apologizes 5 months later for the incident & doesn’t realize it effects his job; loss of crediblity, trust, respect, confidence. “duties of my office are performed under any and all circumstances”, does mean he’s been under the influence on the job? putting town, co workers, etc at risk? not getting sense pacheco is taking responsiblity, had to ordered to participate in alcohol program v. voluntary. it all bothers me but the worst is the message he’s sending to young people about accountability, respect for self and others, and so on.

  2. derek says:

    Support him he is a member of our union and needs our support

    1. swim69 says:

      I’m a member of a union – and I’m embarrassed that you even wrote this post!

  3. Mark says:

    What’s going on with these Town Administrators in that area, Shirley, then Groton, now Lancaster??

  4. swim69 says:

    Give me a break – “lapse in judgement”? Even one lapse in judgement could have ended up killing someone. If that were the case here, we’d all be singing a different tune. In my opinion – he should resign. How pathetic….I hope he reads my post, and I don’t care how “bad” of a day you’re having, show some maturity and make better decisions. You’d think he was a teenager. How embarrassing…

  5. Col. Knife says:

    This is the kind of dope I end up working for.

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