New England Patriots Hall of Famer Drew Bledsoe joined Gresh & Zo moments after being named the fourth and final honorary captain for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

Bledsoe talked about the honor that goes with being an honorary captain for Sunday’s big game, and can’t wait to return to New England.

“I’m pretty fired up, excited to come back for the game and excited to be back in Boston for a bit,” said Bledsoe.

Bledsoe was inducted in the Patriots Hall of Fame this past September and received a huge ovation from fans as he took the field at the home opener. How excited is he to take the field again prior to a playoff game?

“It’ll be pretty cool. I mean to be out there with Tedy (Bruschi), Troy (Brown) and Ty (Law) and to be in that setting again with a home AFC Championship game, (I’m) really fired up about it.”

From a player perspective, just how special is it to be playing in an AFC Championship game for a chance to go to the Super Bowl, especially for players whose time in the league is on the horizon, like Baltimore’s Ed Reed or Ray Lewis? Do you realize that mortality in the middle of a playoff run?

“You’re always just focused on the game an that occupies almost all of your time, but I’m sure for guys like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, who have been such great players for such a long time, I’m sure that creeps in.”

Who is Bledsoe picking to win Sunday?



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