By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

WESTBOROUGH (CBS) – Pictures show Lancaster Town Administrator Orlando Pacheco passed out on the hood of his car back in August after he had too much to drink.

To make matters worse, police say Pacheco drove drunk from a strip club in Worcester all the way to a Mobil station on Route 9 in Westborough until he couldn’t drive anymore.

“When I arrived on scene he was unconscious on the hood of his car, his pants were around his ankles,” says Westborough Police officer Steve Reale.

He had also vomited on himself.

According to a police report, once police were able to wake Pacheco up and get him off the hood of his car he said, “I’m the town manager in Lancaster.”

After he failed three sobriety tests he said, “I’m having a really bad night.”

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports

“I’m actually surprised and shocked he made it to where he was without an accident,” said officer Reale.

pacheco Police Find Lancaster Town Manager Drunk, Passed Out On Car

Orlando Pacheco shortly after police arrived to the scene.

The 33-year-old town administrator refused a breathalyzer and was arrested.

Under Melanie’s Law he should have lost his license for 180 days, but he’s been granted a hardship license which allows him to drive.

At Lancaster Town Hall no one is talking.

Pacheco’s still working as the leader of the community, but long-time residents think that should change.

Pacheco is allowed to drive from eight in the morning until eight at night.

WBZ reached out to Pacheco, the Chairman of the Board of Selectman and the town’s attorney for comment.

No one returned our calls.

Comments (27)
  1. Kathy Munhall says:

    Maybe they should have looked into him being “spiked” in a drink at the strip club. That place is notorious for that !!! Thank God nobody got hurt during his attempts to drive home.

  2. Joyce says:

    Yeah, that’s what happened. How do you know which place it was?

  3. cl parsons says:

    as usual Channel 4 has MOST of the facts wrong!!! He is NOT elected…he is hired….He was not charged with one saw him driving….he was smart enough to stop driving….he was given the restricted license just as many others have been….Channel 4 should find some real news…this is why you’ll always be in last place in the ratings….just a lynch mob TV station.

    1. Lori Bowen says:

      if you are so dissatisfied with their news why are you on their website reading it?

    2. Jay09 says:

      Channel 4 is always wrong when it comes to facts. I’m Glad I’m not the only one to realize this.

    3. jaygee says:

      “No one saw him driving”? Could you please tell me how he got to the rest stop?
      He had the keys to the car, he drove drunk, he refused the breathalyzer and he threw up all over himself. Now,unless you are related to this clown, just what might your problem be in the sane world?
      P.S. Good one, Laurie!

  4. Rory says:

    Lancaster! Channel 4 should go there next time a story is needed on big time illegal drug use in Massachusetts! Plenty of material there!

    1. AnnaP says:

      Really, Rory, if you know so much about a town you clearly can’t afford to live in, you should drop a line to the police.

  5. Chet P. says:

    Its funny how the apologists are coming out of the woodwork and defending the boorish behavior exhibited by Mr. Pacheco, typical liberal change the subject tactic. He’s a disgrace to Lancaster and yes while it’s true he wasn’t elected he did admit driving and refused any breathalyzer of blood test, an admission of guilt in Massachusetts.

  6. Becky Corbett says:

    Looking at the pictures… he had one hell of a night.

  7. wickedsavvy says:

    How does anyone know he actually drove? Maybe someone with him just left him there after he barfed all over himself? You can’t be charged with DUI if you weren’t caught in the act of driving.

    1. Chet P. says:

      Of course he drove, he stated it to the police, it’s in their police report which is online. This is the quote: “I then asked him where he was coming from and if he operated this vehicle and he stated “yea I live in Danvers and I can’t drive”. While speaking with this officer the suspect’s verbal responses were very slurred and thick tongued in speech” So he admitted it and was arrested, refused the breathalyzer and any other tests. Lancaster looks like it was covering up for this terrible behavior. Hopefully their eyes are opened now. This guy has a problem and needs help.

      1. George says:

        chet u r an did you get all that info from that 40 second report…I didn’t hear any of that….

  8. snookie says:

    I have been told by people in the police force the are only as accurate as the person doing the test, if you have someone who doesn’t know what they are doing or gets annoyed with the person they are administering it on, then the reading can be inaccurate. Not that I drink and drive, cause that would not be a smart decision to make.

  9. DoverDavid says:

    Maybe he was out getting a newspaper with Tim Murray.

    1. Stanley11 says:

      I think he was starting a new “Occupy Auto” movement to protest gas prices.

  10. Cis says:

    take the debate over if he was driving or not the fact remains he was under the influence to the point officers had difficulty waking him up, admitted couldn’t drive any longer so pulled over (thank God!) vomited on self and unable to pull his pants up, admitted at strip club which objectifies women – clearly lacks moral character whether he was driving or not. Can’t manage own life, certainly cannot be trusted to run town or manage taxpayer funds.

    1. Will says:

      So what you’re saying is that his past performance is now totally negated because of this? And every politician who’s made a mistake or visited a strip club should lose their job? I’m not saying this looked like a wise decision, but he did have the sense to pull over and this doesn’t affect how well he does his job.

  11. Denise says:

    well the quote above doesn’t say he said he was “driving” it says he said he couldn’t drive. if there keys were in the ignition and the car was running they might be able to say he was driving – passed out on the hood they can speculate he was driving because there wasn’t another person with him.

    I find it amusing that this happened in August and it’s making the news now! I’ve sent information about on going issues in a town that would be interesting to shed some light on. Open meeting laws being broken, back door hires and fires, information being handed out to benifit the families/friends of those in charge, town meetings being held where the towns people were told they wouldn’t be able to “speak” or they would be escorted out by the Police. But nobody wants to talk about that small town. No wonders these people feel they can do whatever they want – there isn’t anyone that wants to report the news that’s happening! Go figure!!!

    Go Pats!

    1. gerty says:

      Oh, Denise, if you only knew the half of it. The town has been my home my whole life and I used to be proud to say I was from Lancaster, not anymore. The side deals and blatant misconduct does not only happen in town hall, but they are responsible for it. And, for any one questioning details, feel free to read that arrest report, readily available at the westborough police station.

  12. serenagrove says:

    more ch 4 sensationalism

  13. corypac says:

    Christ I went to school with him!! Didn’t care for him in school, don’t really care for him now…he’ll get what he deserves according to the laws

  14. roneida says:

    Why is all this coming out now?

  15. teenieweenie says:

    His pants were down to his ankles. He should also be charged with DWW(driving while whacking). He was thinking about the boobies at the strip club and got all worked up and had to satisfy himself while driving down the highway all drunk and puking on himself. Lancaster residents are proud of him. They all want to party with Orlando.

  16. hockeymom says:

    OMG….What was it a slow news day. This happened 6 months ago. He was punished according to the law and he is accepting him punishment and trying to move on. He apologized now let him move on and do his job which he has done very well. Why don’t you so called investigative reports find out why this took 6 months to become headline news. Better yet who leaked it to the media maybe a better angle. Maybe then we will get the real story !!!!! And for his pants being down to his ankles really I watched the video that the police took as they arrived seems his pants looked to be where they were suppose to be around him waist.

  17. Matthew Siden says:

    I have known Orlando since high school, and he has always been a kind, responsible, professional and hard-working individual. This incident is the definition of “out of character,” and the over-the-top nature of it shows it. Less-talented government officials and politicians are forgiven for far-worse offenses, but the photo evidence and media-sexiness of this story is blowing it out of proportion. I am sure the positive impact he can make in the public and government sector will far outweigh one regrettable night.

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