Only a few more days until the Patriots and Ravens meet up at Gillette Stadium to battle for the AFC Championship and a trip to the Super Bowl.

D.A. took a look at what the Ravens have done at quarterback over the years and Joe Flacco. He looked at the constant criticism Flacco has taken. Will all this criticism cause the Ravens to fall apart on Sunday or will it galvanize them?

D.A. was joined by 98.5 Sports Hub host and former Baltimore Raven Mike Flynn. Was there animosity between the Ravens and Patriots when he was playing or did it start after that 2007 game?

They discussed the quarterback position and how everyone thought that Joe Flacco was the answer. Is the criticism of Flacco over blown or is it warranted?

D.A. was also joined by Greg Bedard and the continued to discuss Sunday’s big game. The guys discussed the Patriots secondary, will they be able to handle the Ravens offense? Will Ed Reed’s comments about Flacco hurt or help this Baltimore team?



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