ROCKLAND (CBS) – On Friday, 2-year-old Gracie Murray will be giving a very important gift to her little sister Maddie, who has been undergoing chemotherapy for five months now on the heels of a devastating leukemia diagnosis.

Miracle For Maddie Fundraiser: Website | Facebook

“It just knocks you over, because you never thought about her not living,” said Michael Murray, the girls’ father.

Last summer, Maddie’s mom took her to the doctor for a low-grade fever and some unusual bruising. Maddie then got a blood test and was immediately rushed to Children’s Hospital to begin treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

Maddie’s mom moved into the hospital, as Maddie’s doctors battled her blood cancer into remission.

“She still keeps going strong. The doctors have been amazed by her spirit,” said Nancy Murray, the girls’ grandmother.

But, the cancer will almost certainly return without a bone marrow transplant, which would boost Maddie’s chances of beating the disease to 60%.

Her sister Gracie, who is one year and one week older than her, is coming to the rescue. She’s a perfect match.

At age 2, all Gracie knows is that she’s going to the hospital to help her sister.

There’s no explaining the science or the gut-wrenching emotion.

“It just turns out she’ll be the one that saves her life, so yeah, it’s remarkable,” said Michael Murray.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

Success would mean two more hospital months for Maddie and six more months quarantined with family at home in Rockland while her battered immune system recovers.

“I feel that she’s gonna beat it and that she’s going to be a little girl again,” said Michael Murray.

The Murray family is planning a fundraising event for Feb. 11 at the Quincy Marriott.

Comments (7)
  1. Andrew's Aunt Karen says:

    my thoughts and hopes go to the murray family. gracie, you are a hero. may the angels watch over all of you

  2. Cis says:

    very disturbing – she’s 2 and does not have the reasonsing and intellect to comprehend the situation or procedure being forced on her body. what if it doesn’t work is gracie going to grow up in mental anguish, feeling responsible? what limits or any are there preventing parents from forcing minor children to donate any body part ? what prevents parent from doing for profit ? at what point does risk of losing 2 lives become worth X% chance of cure? why is it ok to force pain and bruising surgically on a minor without consent but wrong to beat your kid with a belt causing pain and bruising ?
    ugh what a horrible position for a parent to be in. while i don’t agree with their decision prayers are sent for this family.

    1. lyd says:

      seriously? this is the meanest comment ever. are you a parent? this is not a medical ethics debate, this is a real child anf a real family facing a very real problem. who wouldnt use their matching donor sibling. its not like matches are a dime adozen. you are totally insensative to this familys position. do you think its an easy decision for them?

  3. kelly says:

    such a cute little girl… prayers to the family.

  4. SP says:

    This is just rude, do you not think that as parents they weighed every one of these options. They made a decision and it was probably the hardest thing they ever did! Who are you to judge. Keep your feelings to yourself, what’s done is done. I am praying for these two beautiful girls and wish them long and wonderful lives!

  5. mom3 says:

    God works in mysterious ways. We can ask why this little innocent baby has been attacked by this terrible disease but then – it’s the devil in disguise – and the miracle that her sister is the exact donor is God coming to the rescue. This family is so lucky to have this opportunity. What a tragedy for the family – first to find out about this devastating disease and then needing to choose to allow their other beautiful baby to be the donor. This is 2012. Doctors have the know-how and the treatment availability to make things go as smoothly as possible and make the donation process as easy as possible for both babies. If people can’t comment and just say something positive, then they shouldn’t write at all. There is no comparison between abuse and donating your marrow to save your sister’s life. What’s wrong with ignorant people? God bless this family and many happy healthy years ahead for these two girls. What a beautiful thing she is doing for her baby sister. What a strong bond and connection they will have. I have a six year old, 2 year old and 4 month old and I could never imagine anything like this ever happening to my precious babies. I would not think twice about having one of them help the other if necessary. I couldn’t imagine the shock of one of my children finding out, “Well, you used to have a sister but she died of cancer. You could have saved her life but we decided that because you were a minor we didn’t want to choose for you to help her so we didn’t allow you to donate her life-saving marrow.” Is this what Cis would let happen? Glad you’re not my sibling.

  6. auntiee lyly says:

    you know what this is her aunt and you sound so ignorent if she can save her sisters life why wouldnt she? and its not your place to state your opinion if it was your child then you could have made the choise of letting your daughter die knowing that your other duaghter was a perfect match and could have saved her life as for our family we no longer have to think about loseing maddie becuase her sister saved her life so keep your ignorent unintelligent comments to your self :) anyways auntie loves and misses her girls and will see my perfect little angles soon <3

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