BOSTON (CBS) – With the Celtics floundering at 4-8, there are numerous questions about the team’s future.

Should the team let Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett walk in free agency? Should the team trade Rajon Rondo?

Or, should the team trade longtime captain Paul Pierce, one of the greatest Celtics in team history? According to Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski, that may be a possibility.

Wojnarowski reports that several teams have inquired about Pierce’s availability in a trade. After this season, Pierce has two more years and $32 million left on his contract.

“As one Eastern Conference official said, there are ‘lots of calls asking if [Boston] will blow it up,'” said Wojnarowski.

If the Celtics manage to trade Pierce this season for a shorter-term contract, they could be major players on the free agent market over the next couple years as long as they let the contracts for Allen ($10 million) and Garnett ($21.2 million) expire after this season.

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  1. Leroy Bird says:

    Pierce is not “One of the greatest in team history” he was a very good player during bad Celtics years and took a lot of shots.
    Rondo is the best player the Celts have, and Ainge would trade him for another scorer, big mistake.
    Garnett is fading and Allen just can’t guard some guys anymore.
    I have a feeling Ainge will do something crazy, he likes to be getting attention. Other than getting Garnett as a favor from McHale Danny has been a bad GM over the years.

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