A Blog by Gary LaPierre

             Please tell me the debates among Republican candidates for President are almost done.    With a little luck, Mitt Romney is going to clean house in South Carolina and end most of the bickering, because this party has got to get back to its root cause…….find a way to make BHO a one-term President.   I believe it can and will be done.

             But I have to say, besides hearing from these Republicans and at least one RINO, I’ve had it quite frankly with the interviewers as well…….two of them in particular.     Diane Sawyer for example.   I used to like Ms. Sawyer, but I’m thinking now that was about 25-years ago when she was a quite capable Anchor and interviewer.   She is now a slow-talking, whining bore.    What happened Diane.   Her questions are right out of Oprah land….convaluted (if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you like to be) delivered in this whiney voice that demands no attention……or respect for that matter.   Gosh she got awful.

            But the only thing that might salvage her performance, is the performance of George…..sitting next to her.   George Steponallofus has got to be worst.   First of all, he too is an incredible bore, his questions are mostly absurd…i.e. “Governor Romney would you be against a state prohibiting birth control?”      Huh?    What in hell kind of question is that George.    Stephanopoulus, I’m not sure,  but I think is Greek for knucklehead.  The spelling could be slightly different, but not misspelled is my first mention above; It’s how colleagues at ABC News refer to George…..Step-on-all-of-us.   True!    Bad enough he’s on the Network every weekday morning, now they’re sticking him back on the Sunday Morning news show…..replacing  Christiane Amanpour…..who by the way, rightfully so, should return to street reporting in the desert somewhere.   She never should have been put on the Sunday show in the first place.

        Is there anybody that I’ve missed today?

Comments (2)
  1. Jerry says:

    Good Morning Gary:
    Who do you think would really make a great president. I do not think any of the candidates are worthy of our votes.

    Your thoughts please.

  2. chris says:

    I have to agree about Diane Sawyer.. She seems like a nice lady but as a lead network anchor she seems pretty weak compared to the late Peter Jennings or Charlie Gibson. They also did themselves no good by airing the interview with Gingrich’s ex-wife in my opinion. Time to move on from drudging up dirt from a politicans’ past that has already been vetted by the media.

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