BOSTON (CBS) – So many do so much good and never get any recognition.

Two examples of that are in line to get some serious attention.

The Examiner Company is having its first ever America Inspired contest. They are down to just 25 names now, and some are from our area.

VOTE: The America Inspired contest

Sharon Reilly, a finalist, is the executive director of the women’s lunch place, a shelter providing meals and services to homeless women.

Rick and Dick Hoyt also made the the final cut. Rick was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but that hasn’t stopped him or his father from competing in several Boston Marathons.

The winner of The Examiner’s contest wins $50,000. Meanwhile, four runners-up will receive a $10,000 prize.

The winners are announced on Feb. 1, 2012.

  1. Sherri says:

    So great to read such an inspiring story about the great things people are doing. Keep us up to date…this is my kind of news!

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