Felger and Massarotti kicked off AFC Championship week by previewing the New England Patriots upcoming game against the Baltimore Ravens.

On Saturday night, the Pats defeated the Denver Broncos 45-10. The Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans 20-13 Sunday afternoon and will travel to Gillette Stadium for the AFC Championship on Sunday.

How well do the Pats and Ravens match-up with each other? How good of a position are the Patriots in to get back to the Super Bowl for the fifth time in 11 years?

Are the Pats back to being a team people should have serious confidence in? Can the they play with the same edge against the Ravens as they did Saturday night against the Broncos?

And how intimidating is this Ravens Defense? Felger & Mazz listen to some of his best sound bites from the last few seasons.

Felger & Mazz discuss…

Comments (3)
  1. chris says:

    someone tell felger that his cheese heads are a finesse team oh and by the way they have lost their last 2 home playoff games, so are they also brittle like the patriots.

    by the way edleman scored the tow touchdowns in the loss to the ravens, there was no welker, gronk or hernandez

  2. Steve says:

    When the Pats beat teams like the Rams and Colts in the early part of the ’00s, it was toughness over finesse. Our guys were tough, their guys were soft and couldn’t handle the punishing defense. Now the Pats are the new Colts.

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