By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

High barometer cold in place this morning. Impressive cold across many northern valleys in this Arctic airmass. Snow covered ground in these regions is helping to refrigerate the cold.

-20 in Fryeburg, ME

-14 Montpelier, VT

-16 Berlin, NH

-13 Lebanon, NH

-14 Sanford, ME

That is some real deal cold Arctic air! Good news today is this cold is going to begin to lift out. Already signs of the warmth moving in with high thin cirrus clouds on the move. Also colder in the valleys than on top of the mountains. Big blue high pressure sitting over us is providing a calmer day with less of a wind chill factor. This high will be pulling off the coast and begin to wrap in warmer SW during the afternoon. This will allow temps to continue to rise through the day, but it will be a slow warming.

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In fact it will take the entire day of warming just to reach 32 degrees. But this will feel a whole lot better than yesterday! High clouds will continue to increase making for filtered sunshine this afternoon.

Watch Joe’s Forecast:

Clouds thicken tonight with overrunning SW winds aloft. Eventually scattered rain and snow showers are expected to develop around midnight. Much of eastern MA will climb above freezing so showers are expected overnight. A winter weather advisory from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. Tuesday has been issued for Worcester County westward, including SW NH and portions of CT.

Temps will remain borderline or below freezing overnight, so more of a wintry mix is expected here after midnight.

What may start off as a brief burst of snow in these areas will transition to pockets of sleet and freezing rain in these interior valleys and hills as warmer air continues to move in aloft with colder air hanging tough near the surface. A few areas will start off icy tomorrow where the cold air hangs on, but this will not last long with SW winds bring in warmer air.  Any mix will change to periodic showers Tuesday. Highs will be climbing into the 40’s, nearing 50 on the Cape. Where we get that early mix in the NW, highs will remain in the 30’s near 40 with a bit more cold air damming, so slippery spots across the north will be a bit more prolonged into the morning.

A strong cold front will push through early Wednesday morning. Temps will start off in the 30’s, but will plummet in the afternoon with gusty WNW winds as low pressure pulls away into the maritimes, and another Arctic shot of air comes spilling into New England by later in the day. Lost of sunshine Wednesday into Thursday thanks to the heavy cold dry air shifting in from Canada. Highs Thursday will only be in the 20’s near 30.

Thursday night another short wave will begin to approach and that looks like it could provide us with one of those “surprise” accumulating snows.

It looks like a weak clipper will push through, and I would not be shocked to see this drop a dusting to two inches on the ground before this quickly pulls away on Friday. This low will reinforce the cold in place, keeping temps near 30 to 32 to end the week.

The weekend shows signs of a gradual warm up, but right now it is impossible to have any real confidence on what is going to happen.

Models are hinting at another wave of low pressure tracking towards us but mostly staying south of the region. The northern fringe may push into southern New England late Saturday for a brief burst of rain or snow.

It’s proximity off the coast Sunday could keep some clouds around as well as a cooler onshore wind. This will need a bit more time and fine tuning before giving out the Foxboro forecast.

Behind all of this, no more arctic air is likely for the rest of the month of January. A mild pacific flow to the jetstream is likely.

How ’bout them apples?

Comments (19)
  1. Stuart Neal says:

    Hi Joe, You do a very good forecast and explain well. I remember Don Kent years ago that did the same forecasting and he also made it sound exciting even though this winter is a blah. I don’t know if you read all the comments but thanks anyway.Beats MH on accu./weather.

    1. Hunter says:

      He’s no Don Kent. That’s for sure.

  2. BaileyMan says:

    Hey Joe,
    I love reading your weather blogs as well. I believe your forecast for the week ahead pretty much covers it all. There will be a few minor systems coming through the region this week with opportunities for minor snow and/or ice accumulations in portions of interior SNE as well as up North. Although this first system tonight may lead to school delays in some areas tomorrow morning by mid day and beyond all areas of SNE will see periodic showers and temps climbing into the 40s in most places.
    I do see indications that from Jan 29th and into February the pattern will likely change into a snowier and colder scenario around here!
    And unlike some of the bloggers on here who for whatever reason? are “busting me”. That prediction is NOT BASED ON WISHFUL THINKING! It is based on my analysis of the atmospheric data presented by the varied models. And although I do love a good snowstorm, bias is not determining my instinct that there will be a more “normal winter pattern for the NE by February!
    So I disagree with some of longer range model runs that HM from accuweather are hinting at. If I prove wrong? So be it! And then, my detractors can go at me!! lol So do you AGREE OR, DISAGREE WITH MY PROGNOSTICATION JOE? Have a great Martin Luther King Day all!

    1. Stuart Neal says:

      I noticed in the recent past that there is a few people slamming you. You maka a lot of sense to me and I agree with your forecasting and the people slamming you have nothing to do. I love snow and the storms and watcH HM and he does flip flop a lot on his long range forecasting but I still listen to his videos everyday. Have a good day.

  3. TomFromActon says:


  4. Italo says:

    I notice how on the main weather page, Tuesday’s forecast has snow showers and a high of 47. I guess those are going to be some strong and resilient snowflakes.

  5. Italo says:

    Everybody, check out this interesting Science Daily News Website article, “Cold Winters Caused by Warmer Summers, Research Suggests” :

    Good read, a lot of which we often discuss here.

    1. AceMaster says:

      Good read Italo, thanks for sharing!

  6. Topkatt8 says:

    Saturday now looks interesting. I read the maps and it appears a snowstorm will hit us on Saturday early morning or something close to that. Stay tuned I will be back with more technical explanation as to why it may snow quite a bit Saturday.

    1. Arizona says:

      Dream on. Just one more whiner getting desperate.

  7. hopeimwrongjj says:

    your not toppkatt88

  8. Andy says:

    Anybody that believes in global warming is a total nut case,does the presidents cash for clunkers program provide us relief from global warming NOPE what it did was increase the taxes that are children will pay in the future.i have a 1980 trans am with a 6.9 liter engine ,a real gas guzzler with no emissions,and i love to open up that 4 barrel carburetor on a nice warm weekend,enjoy my exhaust fumes!

  9. Nancy34Gft says:

    how much snow and ice tonight baileyman? i live in Grafton thanks

  10. JimmyJames says:

    MInor snowfall tonight. Under 4 inches. Watch for slippery spots early tomorrow morning.

  11. Ken says:

    Jimmy what would that be on your snowfall scale? i enjoyed that feature last year

  12. JimmyJames says:

    This would be a 1 on the snow index since its under 4 inches.

  13. Topkatt88 says:

    Of course not. He was Topkatt8. *I* am Topkatt88. And I type better. :-)

  14. funnybone says:

    All the snow goons are out, excited abour snow. How cute. Can you wishcast yourself to another blog? :)

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