BOSTON (CBS) – Here are some of the news and notes going on in the NFL.

– Jeff Fisher has made it official.  He decided to pick the Rams over the Dolphins.  Fisher is now the head coach in St Louis and you have to believe that having a top pick in the draft, a franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford and playing in the NFC West played into his decision.  He has a better chance at turning the Rams around quicker than he does the Dolphins.  Fisher will look to bring in a defensive assistant and word is Saints defensive coordinator Greg Williams could join him

– The Oakland Raiders are back in the news again.  The new general manager is Reggie McKenzie and he made news by letting go popular head coach Hue Jackson.  Hue said he was surprised and then warned everyone that McKenzie is planning on gutting the front office.  As for owner Mark Davis, he said there also may be changes. “There is no intention to sell the team,” Davis said. “This is my life. I’ve been with the Raiders for 48 years. And my whole thing is to continue the legacy that my father built here. I’ve got one of the largest extended families in the world — all the former players and everybody that’s been in the organization.”.  Davis did go on to say though, there is a good chance that the team may move.  Santa Clara could be a landing spot.

– Soccer 6 chimes in and Lebron James is in the news.  Apparently the basketball star turned down a birthday cake.  6 says the cake was worth 3-thousand dollars and Lebron was not going to have to pay a dime. Now before we go any further, there has to be a catch.  There’s always a catch.  No one does anything for free anymore, not even Oprah. Soccer says the catch was this, (told you)  the baker would get all the publicity.  Lebron said no and the baker got heated.  This is rare but I am taking Lebron’s side on this.  What if the cake tasted like some garbage and now the “king” was known for his headbands and nasty pastry. That would give a whole new meaning to the term “let them eat cake”. Plus, that baker would want some meet and greet and that is not the kings style.

– 6 says the Dallas Mavericks are doing what the can to make sure Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian feel welcome in their new home.  Lamar’s teammate Shawn Marion, is throwing them a welcome to town party at his Dallas mansion at the end of the month.  Here’s the deal people, this has nothing to do with Khloe and Lamar.  It has to do with E! and the show.  These people want to get on the show and present their worth to the entertainment network.  Lamar is a New York kid and Khloe is a Kardashian.  They hate Texas. They don’t like country music.  Khloe is always trying to lose weight so barbecue is not an option and neither one of them will be seen at a bull riding event.  But if they are tell me because that would be great television. Oh by the way Kim, Khloe, Kourtney Keep out.  Please keep the dream alive.

– Finally 6 says Elin Noredegren is in the news.  That’s right Tiger’s ex or should I say rich ex-wife.  She got 100 million dollars in the “he strayed a lot” divorce.  Elin bought a mansion in Florida, tore it down and now they she’s rebuilding it.  Uh oh, she may be crazy or she may have thought Tiger “strayed” in that mansion.  If that’s the case, she may have to leave the country.

-Thanks for reading and thank you Soccer 6

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