I avoid those supermarket cards. What is the point of them? Loyalty? On the contrary, I am loyal to stores that do not use cards. The last thing I want is to have to make out another form. Perhaps it is a way for them to make a few extra bucks. Many times when a shopper looks at the price of an item they don’t realize the price they see is the price “with card’ and that they will pay more at checkout because they do not have the card.

The bottom line is that it is a complication and an intrusion. Don’t you get irritated when a store clerk asks you for your address when all you want to do is by a light bulb. Well it’s the same thing. It is a little bitty invasion of privacy. But these invasions add up to a less secure world.

On it’s own it is not that big a deal, but so much of our lives are littered with loose ends and user names, passwords internet fraud, identity theft, and junk mail that at some point one needs to draw the line.

And I draw the line at supermarket cards.

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