Sometimes there are listeners that like to help out with the Toucher and Rich with some original content. One such listener is Mike “Behind The Mic” Callahan.

Every so often Mike will send in, totally unsolicited, a parody song that he wrote. He tackles news and sports stories alike with his sharp wit and unparalleled lyricism.

Upset that Tim Tebow is getting all the attention, he wrote a song about the guy on the Patriots who is setting all kinds of records at his position, Rob Gronkowski.


But one song is not enough as we get ready for the playoffs. Tebow’s name is everywhere, and Mike is sick of it. Listen to his new song where he let’s everyone know how he really feels about Tebow.


  1. Rex Montana says:

    I like the delivery, like a fith grade book report. Lazy and a little bit meek; every sentence is a question. Gronk is the word? I dunno.

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