Murder-Suicide Couple’s Child Safe With Relatives

HAVERHILL (CBS) – The child of a couple found dead in a popular Haverhill park is safe with relatives, investigators said Thursday.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

Thirty-seven-year-old Kris Broderick and his 36-year-old wife Martha McDermott were found dead inside a car in the parking lot of Winnikenni Castle just after 1 p.m. Wednesday.

They had been shot. Police believe McDermott killed her husband and then herself.

They were found by a boy and his friends who’d been playing in the park.

The couple has a 9-and-a-half-month-old son.

The Essex County’s District Attorney’s office told WBZ he is safe with relatives.

Authorities say Broderick is from Houston, Texas and McDermott from Hampton, New Hampshire.

Investigators have not released any other information in the murder-suicide.

  • Willow

    How terrible. I’m so sorry for the child and family left behind.

  • Houston

    I worked with Kris. Super nice guy; this is awful. Best wishes for the baby.


  • ginnyp

    My thoughts and prayers to the families left behind. Death is never the answer no matter how bad things might seem. Atleast they did not take their baby with them.

  • VerySad

    A 9 1/2 month old baby? I wonder if post partum depression played a role in his mother’s decision to take the lives of her husband and herself.

    Sad. Very, very sad.

    • Jennifer Glaser

      that was my thought too, Very Sad. :-( God forgive her and give comfort to both their families.

  • scowman

    ginnyp “AT least they didn’t take their baby with them” WHAT!!! SHE murdered Kris!!! She is the MURDERER !!! Kris was her unforunate victim! There is NO ‘THEY’!!!!!

    • ginnyp

      Sorry you misundertood my statement, my meaning was that atleast when ‘they; went to the park they didn’t bring their baby, the wife could have hurt the child as well. I in no way was trying to be insensitive.

      • scowman

        Sorry for jumping at you. They came in 2 separate vehicles. She left the baby with family and bought a gun to talk.

  • uffdatx

    Kris was a great guy to work with. We will miss him.

  • RR

    RIP, my sympathy and prayers are with the child and family

  • Peter G. Hill

    Once again, when the husband is killed by his wife, there is NOT ONE word mentioned of Domestic Violence. The other way around that would be the title lead. No wonder DV for men is so under reported.

    Kids need their dads.

    Please support my petition.

    • mvr

      peter i totally agree with you iam a mother of 2 and have babysat many children
      i do believe in lots of cases dads do make a much better parent, they trully need their daddies!!!

  • EMFriend

    Kris we will miss you…I send my heartfelt hopes that Clayton will grow up happy & know how much his dad was loved by his co-workers.
    Our thoughts & prayers are with Clayton & the entire family.

  • JoeS

    What a senseless and tragic event….I knew Kris and he was a good man and loved his family. What a waste of life and now his son is parentless. Very sad for both of the families at this time. RIP

  • JM

    This page is not to advertise that babies or kids needs their “Daddy’s”! Any child needs both parents in their lives one way or another if possible.

    This page is to leave your thoughts and prayers for Clayton and his families!
    My sypathy goes out to them all.


  • mlm

    She was lovely, full of life and a great heart to all. We worked together in an orphanage in Luanda

    Maybe she cannot support what he did to her and Clay. She left everything for him

    I leave my thoughts to Clay and families

    • Houston

      Well mlm, I don’t know what you think he “did to her and Clay” but whatever it was, it didn’t deserve the death penalty. Anyone that would ambush someone and shoot them in cold blood doesn’t get my sympathy. That said, nobody knows what really happened or was going on; she was obviously angry about something.

      Probably not the best time to point fingers at Kris.

  • kate

    So tragic. Obviously not the time to point fingers, but rather a time to grieve for both families and to pray for the innocent child who is left without his parents. May both families find strength and solace in the months to come and comfort through the young life of the beautiful baby boy.

  • Jeremy

    Though Kris’s life ended in tragedy his life was not tragic and i think it important to keep this in mind. He was one of the finest people you could hope to meet. He’ll be missed by many.

  • Chris

    In was a science advisor of Kris’ in Santa Barbara. Indeed he was a nice guy, a good geologist, and a talented musician. He is a co-author on a manuscript I am working on on earthquake hazard to Los Angeles. He will remain co-author of course: it includes his thesis work.

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