FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (AP) — The defense for President Barack Obama’s uncle is reviewing the driving records of the police officer who arrested him on drunken driving charges.

Onyango Obama, an illegal immigrant, appeared briefly in Framingham District Court on Thursday as his lawyer told a judge he has obtained the driving history of the officer who stopped Obama in August in Framingham.

Officer Val Krishtal said in a written police report that he stopped Obama after Obama did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign, causing his police cruiser to nearly strike Obama’s SUV. Krishtal said Obama failed several field sobriety tests and registered 0.14 on a blood-alcohol test, higher than the state’s legal limit of 0.08.

Obama’s attorney, P. Scott Bratton, said he is reviewing Krishtal’s driving records to see whether Krishtal has a history of accidents. Bratton has said previously that Obama was not committing any traffic violations and police had no right to pull him over. He is seeking to suppress the traffic stop and the results of the blood-alcohol test. A judge will hear arguments on those motions on March 1.

“We want to review the record to see if there is a pattern of conduct of bad driving behavior on the part of the arresting officer,” Bratton said.

Krishtal totaled his police cruiser in November while responding to reports of gunshots.

Framingham police declined to comment. A spokeswoman for Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone said prosecutors were not opposed to turning over the records. Bratton said a lawyer for the town of Framingham provided the records.

Obama, 67, who is originally from Kenya, is the half brother of the president’s late father. He has pleaded not guilty to operating under the influence of alcohol, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and failure to yield the right of way.

Police said that after being booked at the police station, Obama said, “I think I will call the White House” when asked if he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange for bail.

The status of Obama’s immigration case could not immediately be determined. A spokeswoman for the Executive Office for Immigration Review did not immediately return a call seeking comment Thursday.

Obama initially was held without bail on a detainer from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on allegations he violated an order to return to Kenya 20 years ago. He was later released and has been ordered to regularly check in with immigration officials.

The White House has said it expects Obama’s arrest to be handled like any other case.

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Comments (9)
  1. Mark Scanlon says:

    Really??? Give me a break !! I’m not sure why he still in this country….Oh Wait He’s An Obama..

  2. tjb says:

    i thought asking for any records or “papers” was racist? i hope the cops sues both of them…..what moxie that family has……deport

  3. timma says:

    Not only did the system take care of Uncle O, it has now produced the newest member of the G.UN & R.O.D. club,,,,,,,going unnoticed and retiring on duty. EVERYTHING this guy now does from now on, from parking tickets to arrests, will be appealed based on past practice. His character, personal and public record will be attacked by every defendant from here on out.

    This case should not have made it this far. Upon his arrest and it was determined at his arraingment, that he is here ILLEGALLY, he should have been deported. Now we are wasting money on his lawyers, the courts time, wasting other defendants time and money because of scheduling, the P.D.’s time, paying the officer for court time, and giving the feeling of attack that he’s under, the overtime to fill his shift after he sees Dr. Winteroff for stress.

  4. Cis says:

    pattern of bad driving irrelevant to charge of operating under the influence of alcohol, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and failure to yield the right of way.

    lawyer needs to pursing this and thus wasting taxpayer money. get your client to man up so ICE can deport him.

    is state paying his lawyer or is he doing it for the publicity ?

  5. bosmonkey says:

    Deport him and take all his posessions to help pay for living here ILLEGALLY.

    Why waste taxpayers money on someone who should’ve been deported years ago! Pathetic.

  6. ginnyp says:

    Just like Auntie Z, he was ordered deported many years ago, yet he is still here and will forever be here. I seem to remember an article right after his arrest that said he also had a valid Social Security Number and other official identification, Go figure.

  7. TIM H says:

    what does the driving record of the P.O. have to with anything?what a farce

  8. firemanmark says:

    Vote Obummer out of office! Obviously Socialists have nothing but contempt for the laws of this land.GEt out of OUR country you POS!

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