BOSTON (CBS) – The people over at the Boston-based Public Relations agency Cone Communications might have some trouble picking a favorite in this weekend’s Patriots-Broncos match-up.

According to the Boston Business Journal, Cone Comm. is responsible for underwear giant Jockey’s marketing campaign to give away $1 million worth of its products — if spokesperson Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl.

Of course, they have to get there first.

According to the BBJ report, most of the folks over at the Boston firm are Patriots fans, but you can imagine, they’re also rooting for their campaign to do well.

Cone President Bill Fleishman told the BBJ this weekend’s game certainly creates a bit of a problem.
“When we found out that Denver was going to be playing the Patriots on Saturday, that’s when it created a conundrum,” Fleishman said to the BBJ. “We support our client … but it tugs at our heartstrings.”
Fleishman says that the way he’s looking at Saturday’s game, is that either way, it’s a win for his agency.

As for a prediction: “My head says that Tim has a great shot and my heart says that Tom’s going to do it,” Fleishman reportedly said.


Comments (2)
  1. George M says:

    They should not get any pr they are “just like there is yankee fan s, Giants fan }

  2. R. Hannigan says:

    Patriots all the way. The company should move after the game.

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