By Dan Roche, WBZ-TV SportsBy Dan Roche

DENVER (CBS) –  I landed in Denver late Tuesday night, and “Tebowmania” was apparent as soon as I arrived.

The city is still buzzing from Sunday’s Mile High Miracle when the 8-8 Broncos upset the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime.

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Tim Tebow’s popularity is through the roof here, but you can’t really blame Broncos fans for that. He is certainly one exciting player to watch on the field, and just as interesting off it.

We woke up to a snow storm Wednesday morning and the morning commute was horrific. It took me almost two hours to go 20 miles to Broncos practice facility. And that had nothing to do with all the extra media on hand this week…

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I’ll be live from Denver with full reports from the Broncos’ side of things starting at 5 pm on WBZ-TV, so stay tuned. I’ll also have more as we go along throughout the day.

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