By Denise Lavoie, AP Legal Affairs Writer

BOSTON (AP) — A lawyer for President Barack Obama’s uncle, an illegal immigrant who is charged with drunken driving, says he will ask prosecutors to turn over the driving record of the police officer who stopped him.

Onyango Obama, the half-brother of the president’s late father, was charged with drunken driving in Framingham in August after he allegedly rolled through a stop sign and nearly caused a police cruiser to strike his SUV.

Obama’s lawyer said Wednesday that he will ask prosecutors for Officer Val Krishtal’s driving record.

A court hearing is scheduled Thursday.

Krishtal was injured in November when he lost control of his police cruiser and crashed into a stone wall while responding to reports of gunshots.

Framingham police declined to comment Wednesday. A spokeswoman for prosecutors said they would respond in court.

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Comments (26)
  1. billbranch says:

    Who’s on trial here?
    Let’s turn this country around in November.

    1. gramps says:

      Obama is allowing 217,000 illegal El Salvadorans to stay till after the elections, pandering to the Hispanic vote!

      He’s gotta-get voted out!

      Ya can’t make this stuff up!


      1. Alexia says:

        Certainly these people will not be allowed to vote? This action by BHO is costing us tax payers more money! Sickening is the word to use when it comes to BHO’S policies.

  2. DoverDavid says:

    Why not have Mr. Obama show his Certificate of Citizenship, ohhhhh that’s right, because HE DOES NOT HAVE ONE, and is here illegally.

  3. Enough says:

    Why bother with the formalities? He’s going to get asylum b/c of who he’s related to no matter what. Gotta love this country sometimes, the illegals have more rights than the citizens.

  4. Paul says:

    And while this attorney is hunting for loopholes for this ILLEGAL ALIEN….Guess who is footing the bill? Why don’t we depose the President on this too….just for added kicks (and costs)

  5. notaluzar says:

    For someone who is here illegally he sure does act like he HATES the world!
    He broke the law (being here illegally), then he broke the law (drinking and driving), YET he is STILL playing the poor, picked on, its because of who I am old sob! You gotta love it! Because when all is said an done, he will walk away a FREE man and STILL an illegal.

  6. Anthony V Cannata says:

    Deport his azz & also his aunt!

  7. web says:

    How does he have any right to ask for anything? He should have no voice at all. There should be limitations to what illegals want and get..period. Send him back.

  8. sloopjohnB2 says:

    This country is REALLY going to hell in a hurry. This illegal alien has NO rights. He should be deported immediately. He was driving drunk and could have killed someone. Asking for the records of the police officer is outrageous! The limousine liberals are hell bent on giving rights to those who should not be here in the first place.

  9. P says:

    Does he really think a police officer is going to have a bad driving record? They get pulled over for a moving violation,they whip out their ID,they get an apology. The brotherhood!

  10. ali says:

    They get all the breaks and all the benefits and good amount of em dont speak a lick of english. if they werent here we would be able to help and insure citizens of this country, Chairty starts at home and america needs to take a deep hard look at whats going on. We have no jobs its a bad economy, but will take care of other countrys refugees because this is america the land of the free but it looks like it is the home of the free but not for the citizens. Ill be surprised if this post goes thorough.

  11. Alexia says:

    Onyango Obama a illegal alien has no rights to the records of any legal alien. He should be deported immediately for violating our laws.

    1. Dave_D says:

      Officer Krishtal is an alien? I didn’t know that.

      I do know that he doesn’t appear to be a very good driver..

      1. Alexia says:

        I misstated! I meant legitimate U.S.A. citizen.

  12. macmum says:

    Auntie & Uncle are both pathetic moochers and they have and will continue to rob legal tax payers because of who they know, not who they really are. America’s laws were never intended to protect thieves, yet, somehow that’s what keeps happening when you’ve got “connections”.

    1. Alexia says:

      Well stated! You only need to look toward The White house & our illegitimate President & the dots connect.

  13. blackbear1 says:

    Is it too much to assume that the judge will deny this frivolous request. Unscrupulous defense attorneys will try anything to distort and distract. Judge don’t allow this. We are what we are allowed to be.

    1. Alexia says:

      I would be very surprised & alarmed if the judge allowed such a motion by the defense attorney.

  14. ginnyp says:

    Face it, the citizens of this country are loosing our rights while the non-citizens are being given anything they want. We don’t stand a chance anymore. Something needs to be done and soon.

    1. Alexia says:

      Well stated! Until we throw out of office & our country illegals this trend will continue.

  15. firemanmark says:

    Throw him out of the country.Have him take his sister and nephew Obamajoke with him.While he’s at it have him take that useless idiot Eric Holder too.It’s time to put the hammer down and take back OUR country.Barry and family should go to Kenya….the land of his father!

    1. Alexia says:

      I have to agree with you! All of them are suspect & should be deported unless they can provide actual proof that they are in fact U.S.A. citizens

  16. Notaluzar says:

    They keep pushing the average, ‘middle’ class American’s more and more each day.. when will the revolution be?. Sounds crazy but we need to clean house and FIRE everyone.. Yes, I said the Mitt word” FIRE!. Crap, if I suck at my job I have the possibility of being FIRED.. we all do!. They should too!. How can a man run AND WIN an election with not 1 but 2 ILLEGAL relatives in this country???? and even invited 1 of them (his aunt) to the Inauguration !!!!!!

    1. Alexia says:

      It is simple! B.H.O. has no respect for our country & it’s constitution.
      As for our country having another another Revolution I hope not !
      We all as Americans should remind our selves of the history of Communism in The U.S.S.R. A minority ( The Communist) overthrew the country & ruled it with fear, death & imprisonment to those who would not comply.

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