Former Bruin Shane Hnidy is in town covering the Bruins-Jets game for Winnipeg radio, but he took time to speak with Toucher & Rich Tuesday morning.

Brad Marchand had his call with NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan Monday afternoon about his hit on Vancouver’s Sami Salo, and Brendan Shanahan’s ruling came down later in the day that the Bruins winger would be suspended for the next five games.

“I thought that it would be a suspension. I think it’s excessive at five, my guess was around two, maybe three games. You watch those things and I can see where it’s coming from and I know they got guys that do hip checks…But because he is a repeat offender I guess that comes into play,” Hnidy said.

There were many things that went on in that game that showed everyone the character of the Vancouver Canucks. There were players trying to start fights, and when Bruins players agreed, the Vancouver players wouldn’t go. In another instance, there were six players who all ganged up on Shawn Thornton in front of the Vancouver bench and nothing was done. How are the Canucks viewed around the league?

“They frustrate guys. They frustrate teams, teams take penalties and they got a good power play,” said Hnidy.

Vancouver head coach Alain Vigneault said that if Marchand continues to make bad hits on players that eventually someone will hurt him. Does Hnidy think that a head coach should make those kind of statements?

“I don’t think that’s up to the coaches leave that to the players and I think that’s why you heard Claude Julien respond yesterday. I know Claude most of the time does not like to get into those media wars and into that nonsense as I’ve heard him call it before, but he has to respond when another coach pretty much comes out and threatens his player,” said Hnidy.

They then move on to discuss the Winnipeg Jets. How have the Jets been doing?



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