WORCESTER (AP) — A man already in prison for murder was scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday for a second killing that’s gone unsolved for 26 years.

Christopher Fletcher is scheduled for arraignment in Worcester Superior Court in the rape and murder of Peggy Sue Calvillo, 24, of Fitchburg.

Calvillo’s body was found in Lancaster in 1986.

In 1995, Fletcher told authorities he’d killed Calvillo after accidentally hitting her with his car.

He said he then grabbed her and drove her to Lancaster, where he raped and left her.

Worcester District Attorney’s office spokesman Tim Connolly said when Fletcher first confessed, authorities performed DNA tests on biological evidence from the crime scene, but it didn’t match Fletcher.

He said detectives working the case recently decided to resubmit the material, using today’s more advanced techniques, and this time got a hit on Fletcher.

Fletcher has told authorities he was involved in a dozen killings.

But Connolly said Fletcher isn’t a suspect in any other case.

Fletcher is serving a life sentence for the killing Elizabeth Jane Salsbury in 1995.

Prosecutors said he ambushed her after she returned home from work at a bar where Fletcher had been drinking.

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  1. jaygee says:

    Isn’t it strange but if he had been executed for the 2nd murder, there wouldn’t be a need for another trial for the first. Of course, it’s possible that this sociopath has killed many more innocents.

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