PEABODY (AP) — The federal Transportation Security Administration is defending a decision to confiscate a cupcake from a Massachusetts woman flying from Las Vegas, saying the pastry was packed inside a jar filled with icing.

The TSA says in a blog comment posted Monday that icing is considered a gel under a policy designed to secure travelers from terrorists seeking to evade detection by using explosives made of plastics, liquids or gels.

The TSA says Rebecca Hains of Peabody was not allowed to take her cupcake into the plane because the icing in the jar exceeded amounts of gels allowed in carry-on luggage.

The TSA says travelers can bring cakes, pies and cupcakes through the security checkpoint, but should expect that they might get some additional screening.

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Comments (4)
  1. Sam Goldenstein says:

    Bunch of brainless Nazis like the German ones. Give cretins power and they misuse it

  2. emom says:

    I have to wonder , Do people read the rules of what is allowed on an airplane and what is not. I understand some seems harmless, But there are some foods that may appear to be safe but actually be something very different. I have to wonder if the reason they confiscated the cupcake was not knowing if the frosting or if it had filling was truly what it was. With terrorist becoming clever on how to slip bomb making material pass the security guards, its not a wonder they would take it. Semi-soft cheese above 3 ounces can not be taken on the plane, jello, pudding yogurt any over 3 ounces is not allowed, Any food that is semi-soft, has semi soft texture may not be allowed. I suggest read the tsa web page for things not allowed. The ask your self, Would rather live and see your family later or have them ask WHY didn’t they prevent it from happening,, It’s only a cupcake that may have been frosted with an explosive,

    1. web says:

      emom, I understand your comments I really do. But under the guise of safety and fear, a slippery slope of rules and regulations and laws have crept into our lives so subtley that we don’t even realize how many freedoms we have lost. It could be only deodorant or maybe explosives swiped under my armpit, or maybe you can hide explosives in my hair or I put secret gel in my ear cavity…how far will you go for safety, at what cost? I do want to see my family later, I just don’t like the conditions of fear that we live in. I simplify’re in class and one clown is laughing, the teacher gives everyone extra homework because of it. Why? easier to charge the whole group then spend the extra time to discipline the one child.

  3. Matt says:

    Just the fact that we even have to have these rules mean the terrorists have won.

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