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Murray Tries To Set Record Straight On Crash In Letter To Supporters

BOSTON (CBS) – Lt. Gov. Tim Murray is giving a more detailed response to his car crash last year in a letter sent to supporters Monday.

Murray was apparently asleep at the wheel, going more than 100 miles an hour, without a seat belt on when he crashed his state-issued vehicle on I-190 in Sterling Nov. 2.

He was not seriously hurt.

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“I understand that when a public figure is in any kind of accident people want to know how it happened,” Murray wrote in the letter.

Murray initially blamed the crash on icy conditions, claimed he wasn’t speeding and said he was wearing a seat belt.

“Unfortunately, false rumors and wild speculation can result even when the details of the matter have been released to the public. Because you have been a friend, I want to give you the background on the accident, so you get the full picture directly from me.”

“On the night before the accident, I came home from Boston around 8:30 pm., dropped off by my State Police detail. I helped Tammy put our daughters to bed, and I turned in around 11p.m. that night. Around two or three in the morning, I awoke when our five-year-old daughter crawled into bed with us. From that point on, I was unable to get back to sleep. Around quarter of five I gave up trying to sleep and decided to take a drive, get a coffee and a paper and prepare for the day. “

“This was not my first early morning drive. I’ve done it often ever since I was Mayor in Worcester,” he wrote.

“I drove up as far as Route 2, turned around to head back to Worcester, and what I remember next was the vehicle being off the road, the impact of the collision, and the car turning over several times. During this ride I did not meet anyone, or make any phone calls, texts or emails. Also, the black box data showed that the car had been running for 42.5 minutes before the accident, which is consistent with the route I had traveled. “

“When I got out of the car, there was snow on the ground and ice along the road. I heard the first responders talking about the black ice on the road. The accident happened in a matter of seconds. I was shaken-up, and not really knowing how it occurred, I assumed the ice must have caused the accident. In light of the black box data and police report, my assumption was incorrect. I believe I nodded off while driving and the car ran off the road.”

Murray was fined $555 and plans to reimburse the state for the value of the car, which was about $9,000.


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