HUDSON, N.H. (CBS) – One person was arrested at Mitt Romney’s campaign event at a business in Hudson Monday.

The owner of Gilchrist Metal Fabricating asked the man to leave and he refused.

Police stepped in and arrested him for trespassing.

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  1. Christina says:

    This is such fabrication. There was no reason why the cop asked him to leave in the first place. Sounds like his rights were vilolated!!!

  2. kmartinage says:

    So much for Live Free or Die! Matt was only there to interview people for his blog site and to learn from this whole experience. He is a truly upstanding and upfront kind of guy. What the heck? Were the police just bored that day? All he wanted to know was WHY did he have to leave as he was truly innocent of any wrong doing. So sad that he has this one incident on his perfect record. And such a smart boy, yes, a Harvard graduate……… I think the police need to be looking at criminal activity, not harrasing innocent citizens.

  3. AK says:

    Of the three sentences in this report, two are factually incorrect. The man was asked to leave by the police on behalf of the Romney campaign, not the factory. And the man in question DID leave — he was arrested outside when he tried to clear up the confusion about his identity and (peaceful) reason for being there.

    This is shoddy reporting about an appalling violation of this man’s First Amendment rights.

  4. Ian Tewksbury says:

    How about doing some more some more investigative reporting next time CBS?

  5. Austin says:

    This “story” deserves a retraction and an apology.

  6. Rachel says:

    This is not accurate, CBS local. Please do your job and research the truth. This man does not deserve to be slandered.

  7. Rich says:

    Get your story straight! You need to apologize for your shoddy reporting!

  8. USL says:

    Karen Anderson, did you do the reporting and/or writing of this story? In anyr case, since your name is attached to accompanying photo creit, you should insist a correction be published in order to protect your journalistic integrity.

  9. vermilingua says:

    I think this man deserves an apology and the retraction of this “article”.

  10. Dave T says:

    Nice job with your biased reporting. This is what you pass off as journalism these days? I bet you thought it was some hippie Occupy person stirring up trouble, so you ran their picture and a factually incorrect three line “article” because you didn’t think anyone would care. You certainly didn’t care because you didn’t bother to investigate any further and get your facts straight.

    Why don’t you write an article on how a private group can hire local police and instruct them to arrest law-abiding citizens who aren’t committing a crime? Maybe the people would like to know how our tax payer funded police force can be rented out as a private Gestapo.

  11. Matt says:

    Dear Karen,

    I’m the person who was arrested above. As some of the above comments indicate, the story as reported is slightly inaccurate. I never spoke with the owner of the company at which the Romney event took place.

    The police – who were working for the Romney campaign – told me that I had been identified as a ‘protester’ from a protest outside Romney’s Manchester office. This was bizarre; I hadn’t even known there were protests at Romney’s offices, and I certainly hadn’t attended. I asked to speak to campaign staff or the owner of the company, but I was refused. When I continued to ask questions, I was arrested.

    A full account of the event is here:

    Matt Bieber

  12. mike says:

    romney guy #1: we got some matt bieber guy here, liberal rabble rouser.
    romney guy #2: think he will start trouble or something during the event.
    romney guy #1: idk, better ask him to leave just in case. if he won’t just arrest him.
    romney guy #2: ok. we’ve put our foot in our mouth enough, a heckler might screw it up.

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