The Bruins and Canucks met at the Garden for the first time since last year’s Stanley Cup Finals. Unfortunately for Boston the Canucks came out on top 4-3 in a very emotional game.

Bruins insider Joe Haggerty spoke with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich about what the Vancouver media is saying about the Bruins, calls during the game and Brad Marchand’s hit on Sami Salo.

Brad Marchand was given a game misconduct for clipping Sami Salo late in the second period. What is the Vancouver media saying about this Bruins team?

“I think they called Brad Marchand the Hobbit. They’re saying that the Bruins are dirty trying to hurt people, they’re just a bad group of guys that are trying to just bully their way and dirty play their way to NHL Championships.”

The guys asked Haggerty how Vancouver ended up with a five on three after there looked like there was a six on one involving Shawn Thornton in front of the Vancouver bench.

“I think they just didn’t see what happened. I think they had no idea what actually started it, what went on and they were kind of guessing a little bit and just throwing it out there and trying find out exactly what happened after the fact.”

Marchand was ejected for his low hit on Salo and will have a conference call with league disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan. What did Haggerty think of the hit?

“Very suspension worthy, I think he’s going to get hit with probably two or three games at the very least.”

It’s no secret that Marchand is an agitator and plays on the edge, but now where’s he becoming a repeat guest of Shanahan’s does Cluade Julien need to sit him down for a talk?

“I think that’s just the hazard of doing business the way he plays. He’s going to have that happen to him where he knows his first suspension isn’t going to be his last. He’s going to be a guy that’s going to have conversations with Brendan Shanahan throughout the years because that’s just the type of player he is.”

They also discussed the decision Vancouver made to sit Roberto Luongo and start Cory Schneider. Why does Haggerty think they made that move?

“I think Roberto Luongo could have played in that game and could have insisted that he play in that game. Instead of this bogus friends and family, Cory Schneider is from Marblehead excuse like it’s pee-wee hockey and little league and everybody gets an ice cream sundae after the game is over… I honestly think they were probably worried that if Luongo came to Boston if he got destroyed again and embarrassed again they probably could have lost him for a month or two months and he would have been mentally shot and he’s that fragile.”


Comments (7)
  1. James says:

    who’s Joe Haggerty? shouldn’t that be explained?

  2. My Dog bruin says:

    It was a hip check no?

  3. rem says:

    James: Good question!
    Dog: Nope… illegal hit, that even Marchand knows that.
    Marchand said. “I read the rulebook last night, and it said if a guy’s hurt on a play when a guy goes underneath a guy, it’s a five-minute major. It was the right call – he was hurt and I was ejected from the game.”

  4. BOB says:

    Double chin? check!
    Loser baseball necklace wearing fool? (see twitter page) check!
    Lard ass low-class 100% bias non-objective sports coverage? check!
    disgrace to the general media? check!
    In need for a meeting with Jenny Craig? TRIPLE CHECK!!!

  5. Aaron says:

    Hip to Hip = Hip check
    Hip to knee/thigh = clipping.
    Clipping instead of taking a legal shoulder to shoulder from one of the least dirty players in the league = coward
    Cowards who have won the Stanley Cup:
    Matt Cooke
    Ulf Samuelsson (remember him?)
    Brad Marchand

    Vancouver is a team full of rats and Boston is the class of the league with a classless player who is taking away from all the good things he and the rest of the teams does.

  6. bruinsrule says:

    Marchand is a disgrace to the Bruin’s and the NHL. There is no room in hockey for guys and hits like this.
    To add insult to injury, instead of admitting the hit was a cheap shot.

    Marchand claims his safety was in question, what a crock. Man up you POS. coward.

    He should enjoy his career while he can. At this rate he’ll be out on his *ss before he knows it.
    Instead of being an asset he has become a major liability.

  7. george m says:

    how in gods world did you ever get lucky in covering the bruins?
    Joe Haggerty if you lost 100 pounds and actually played the game
    youd have a clue about it. you a dumb and clueless about the hit
    it was clean and nothing else you moron.your still makeing stupid
    comments about the bruins like you did last year during the playoffs
    there going to lose. you donkey get a clue or stop reporting about the
    bruins if you dont even have an ounce of what your talking about.
    that hit was clean you joke.

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