BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand has been suspended 5 games by the NHL for his hit on Vancouver’s Sami Salo on Saturday.

Marchand went down low to avoid a second period hit from Salo, who flipped over the 5-9 winger and suffered a concussion on the play. Marchand, who was assessed a five-minute major for clipping and was ejected for a game misconduct, claims he was trying to protect himself from a potentially dangerous hit from Salo.

Marchand had a hearing with NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan Monday afternoon. This is the second suspension of his career, with his first coming last season after elbowing Columbus’ R.J. Umberger.

Shanahan explained the reasoning behind the suspension in a video on

“We do not view this play as defensive, or instinctive,” says Shanahan. “We believe this was a predatory, low hit delivered by Marchand in order to flip his opponent over him.”

Comments (9)
  1. Michelle Fuller Fitzgerald says:

    This is major B.S.!

  2. Billy Bob says:

    Certainly not BS. Marchand is a dirty player and guys like that need to be dealt with harshly. Good job on this one Shanny!

  3. buddy says:

    Agreed. I truly believe he was trying to protect himself with no intent to injure another player. They say the Bruins are a dirty team, well take a good look at Vancouver. Alex Burrows, the sedin sisters, they are the dirtiest players.

  4. blackbear1 says:

    I’m having trouble getting by the first incident in which Shawn Thornton had 6 of those guys on him, they had too many men on the ice and the Bruins wind up down two men, plus Lucic thrown out!! I realize that was reversed, but after the fact. Where was the league when Matt Cooke was handing out concussions? Vancouver has a guy who BITES, That is over the line. Their coach thinks last years hit on Horton was a good “Hockey Hit”. Are their not penalties for “Diving”? The very mission of the oily, whiney, taunting, unmanly Vancouver Canucks needs to be questioned. Most of us, although far from perfect, were not brought up to compete in that manner. I cannot relate or identify with teams like this or the formerly proud Montreal Canadiens. With all of this, I have not even thought about Marchand’s penalty. Will he have a nice article written about him in Sports Illustrated like Matt Cook?

  5. says:

    Sorry I ducked at the last minute and you weren’t able to paste me against the boards. Next time I’ll let you wipe me out. Marchand wasn’t going after him, it was the other way around, a player shlould be allowed to do whatever they need to avoid taking a major hit.

  6. marshmont says:

    This is all on Marchand’s rep which I expected would lead to a smaller 2 game suspension but not 5! And I’m a bit suspicious that the guy has a concussion unless he’s had one in the recent past. Could be a makeup call for Lucic not getting one for taking out the goalie. Now lets see how many suspensions are issued to the sanctimonious Canucks for piling on. what wusses!

  7. howie says:

    He wasn,t avoiding a mojor hit, he was doing what he normally does and taking out another player with no regard for them, it would have been a bump at the most, the guys a rat and always has been and deserved the 5 games. The players should be showing him the way and taking care of him themselves, and the hit on Horton was a good hockey hit, maybe a half second late but thats what you get when you admire your pass for too long.

  8. Bob says:

    Wow that is homerism at its finest! He clearly ignores the puck and low balls him. I could see if the other player was trying to run him or anything like that…but that is just not the case, Marchand didn’t like the altercation they had earlier and he went after him with a dirty hit…plain and simple! You can see it in the video, he left the puck and went after him instead of making the play on the puck and taking the hit. IMO a dirty play by a dirty player!

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