BOSTON (CBS) – With pizza baked Neopolitan style, chicken braised Sicilian style and pastas made in all kinds of styles, if it’s Italian, you’ll probably find it on the menu at Orta.

“We do all regions of Italy. It’s not Northern Italian, it’s not Southern Italian, it’s all Italian,” said chef-owner Jimmy Burke. “If it’s Italian, we do it.”

Ever since Burke opened Orta in Pembroke a couple years ago, the warm and inviting dining room has been packed with customers who can’t get enough of his rustic Italian comfort food.

Watch video:

To start, there are almost a dozen small plates to choose from, but just about everyone orders the homemade meatballs: a recipe passed down from Jimmy’s mother.

Pizzas are cooked in a blazing wood fired oven, and cost less than $15, and most entrees are priced well below $20. It’s food that will make you feel good at a price that will make you feel great.

It’s the best of Italy, served up on the South Shore, at Orta.

  1. hlios11 says:

    PH G I just came back from the gym where they feature FOOD CHANNELS galore, but today I caught YOUR Breakfast Segment! 1. IF The food looks great,will I overeat and gain so I MAY be a member of the gym forever? 2.When I go out to the places you mention do I ever get (AS FRESH OR AS WELL COOKED) AS THE MEALS you get? 3.This is not necessarily directed ONLY at you, but DO YOU WANT ME TO LOOK IN YOUR FRIDGE AND TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THOSE INGREDIENTS?

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