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     Yes I know it hasn’t been a requirement in our recent past, but the whole idea of having to show an identification card in order to vote is a good idea.   I’ve even had it suggested to me that I must be of the mind-set that only white, middle and upper income people should be allowed to vote.   I believe in no such thing, but I do believe we ought to make it more difficult….not easier…to vote in this country.       It’s disgraceful how few people bother to vote as it is, compared to other countries, and I bet it’s safe to say a good percentage of those shouldn’t vote.    If only the well-informed were allowed to vote (regardless of any ID card) it would probably cut the voting population in half.

     But here we go….the screamin’ and yellin’ begins…….requiring a photo ID to vote would disenfranchise minorities, the poor, the young and the elderly.      Such comments are racist on their face.    If minorities don’t have a photo identification, knowing they needed one to vote, probably have no interest in voting.    Same story with the elderly because there isn’t a single state in the nation that wouldn’t go out of its way to accommodate these people in some fashion.     I remember when Georgia forced the required photo ID thing, the usual complaints started and Georgia promised…….at it’s expense, it would drive you to the place for an ID and pay for the whole thing.  They still complained……mainly because they didn’t want to vote in the first place.   The poor?   I bet they’ve got an ID that will allow them to buy a beer or cash a welfare check!       Young people?   College kids?    Guaranteed they’ve got a photo ID, even if it’s a fake one to buy some booze, but that won’t make a difference.  They don’t want to vote anyway and in most cases, they’re far too stupid, or should I say ill-informed, to be allowed in a voting booth in the first place.

     We all know where their anti-Photo ID thing is coming from….starting with the White House on down.  Keep in mind that’s all coming from a guy who hails from a city and state that epitomizes voter fraud in this country.  I’ll bet my last nickel that the community organizer from Chicago’s, Illinois’s South side knows full well how corrupt the system really is.    Voting in this country is riddled by fraud, state-to-state-to-state, fact, and requiring a photo identification just may go a long way toward correcting some of it.

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  1. Scott Downie says:

    It’s been proven time and time again that voter fraud is next to non existent. The scare tactic of claiming it is rampant is a smoke screen to cover the GOP attempt to disenfranchise poor and minority voters.. those most apt to vote Democrat. To those falling for the straw man, do a bit of research on the subject. Hundreds of millions of votes cast and maybe 5 prosecutions for voter fraud, and several of those were frauds exercised during the counting portion. Mr LaPierre is dead wrong in his statement that voter fraud is rampant, and that’s a fact.

  2. Patricia says:

    I’m, ll in favor of requiring an ID to vote. I don’t understand how this is “disenfranchiseing” anyone. There may be very few people out there without an ID and I am sure the vast majority of us already have ID’s. An id is required to: drive, purchase alchohol and cigarettes, purchase cold medicine, open a bank accout, cash a check, rent an apartment, go to the movies (under 17), … the list goes on and on. What I find obnoxious is the expected reaction of being called a racist bigot and to be honest. Honest voting is the way to go! And, for those few without an ID, I am sure we can find a way to get them a state issued ID. Trust me, there will be so few that fall into that category that the cost should not be that prohibitive.

  3. AV says:

    a) there is no evidence whatsoever presented in this essay of any generic voter fraud, let alone specific examples. Mr LaPierre seems to be using some buzzword or phrase and expounding upon it as if there is any truth to it. I’m open to anything but when falling back on your own stereotypes and lacking one shred of proof or evidence, frankly you look like a bitter amateur.

    b) the grammar is horrendous. If you want to be taken seriously, which I assume you do with a decent platform on this site, you should take care with how you present yourself.

    c) this entire essay is c/rude. You’re entitled to your opinion but not your own facts or insults. The beer drinking/welfare/etc strawmen are in fact racial in overtones. It’s sad that you’ve taken this track, and I’m not even sure what your solution is other than “make voting harder” and “stupid people shouldn’t vote” – be careful as to what barometers you might use yourself…

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