LYNN (CBS) – Some thieves are apparently no longer content with just stealing copper wiring off of utility poles in Lynn.

At a park on Walnut Street, a couple of crooks tried to swipe an entire 80-foot metal light pole.

“It also looked like they started to unbolt the 80-foot light tower itself. If it had come down, it would have been catastrophic,” said Lynn Department of Public Works Director Jay Fink.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

He said metal thefts are a growing problem in Lynn, but notes that if the pole had come down it could have crushed nearby homes or passing cars.

“We’ve seen aluminum being taken out of the parks as far as bleachers. We’ve seen manhole covers being taken off the streets for the cast iron,” he said.

The city is working to make it tougher on scrap metal thieves, but Fink says they’ll need some help.

He’s calling on the public to keep an eye out and report anything suspicious.

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