GRAFTON (CBS) – Two fires, set in one week, have people in Grafton worried that an arsonist is targeting them.

There was a fire in a house on Hingham Road Thursday morning, but no one was hurt. Earlier in the week, there was another fire in a garage on Airport Road across the street. An elderly man had to be rescued from that fire.

Both fires started around 3:30 in the morning. The fire department has not determined whether they were intentionally set, but they admit the timing is suspicious.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

Alison Wilson says she’s living in fear after the early morning fire ripped through her basement, and smoke billowed up into her bedroom while she was slept.

“I’m very lucky the bed did not go down through the floor and I didn’t get engulfed in the fire,” says Wilson. “I’m scared for my neighbors and I’m scared for myself .”

Wilson along with her neighbors fear the fires may be arson. Many people are saying they are not sleeping at night and they are keeping their lights on looking for anyone suspicious.

Massachusetts State Police, the Fire Marshall and ATF are investigating both fires. Right now they are not saying its arson.


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