BOSTON (CBS) – After a significant amount of negative publicity that followed Lt. Governor Tim Murray’s early morning November crash, Murray has now hired a public relations firm that specializes in crisis communications.

Questions about the crash still remain, and Murray’s staff has been inundated with calls and requests related to his early morning November wreck.

Now the I-Team has learned Murray has hired the Liberty Square Group full-time to handle all inquiries related to the crash.

Murray has used the Liberty Square Group for public relations in the past dating back to 2006, during his first run for Lieutenant Governor.

Comments (6)
  1. john says:

    Can you say spin control?

  2. Jean says:

    He’s going to need a lawyer and not a pr crisis team.

  3. John says:

    Who is paying for this crisis team?

  4. fred says:

    Who pays for this? I know what to do – how about telling the truth – why was he driving around at 5 am in his pajama’s. That’s why the state police took him home so he could get dressed. I would have thought he should have been immediately taken to a hospital because of a possible concussion. Is he on Ambient like Patrick Kennedy? This story is getting stranger and stranger. Prediction: Tim Murray gets a job with the casino’s because his political career is over.

  5. Typical says:

    Who’s paying for this? Taxpayers?? He needs to LEAVE.

  6. jerry says:

    Its just like any other politician anyway , they do not ever wanna tell the truth . They have to hire someone to try and explain there lies and twist things around as usual . So whos paying for the people who are trying to cover his lies up ? what so funny is people wonder why alot of people do not vote ? well i for one know my opinion never counts because look at all the crooked ones we have in office ? kerry, deval , his lt governer, diane wilkerson , how about that guy that went across the line and bought his liquer in NH , or kerry registering his boat in RI to avoid taxes or deval hiring a person to take over a office position that was vacant for what about 10 years to a friend , or better yet deval going overseas to help bring jobs in mass (yea right) . what happened to being honest ? but what can you expect from our government ? nothing but a bunch of liars as usual thats why they say politics as usual right .

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