BOSTON (CBS) –  It has been seven months since the Boston Bruins hoisted the Stanley Cup above their heads on the Rogers Arena ice in Vancouver.

Boston beat the Canucks 4-0 in Game 7 to clinch the franchise’s sixth championship, all in front of Vancouver fans and the Cancucks, who had to sit and watch as the Bruins celebrated their title.

The storylines were plentiful during the series; from Alex Burrows’ biting to Aaron Rome’s hit on Nathan Horton to Roberto Luongo not feeling the love from Tim Thomas.

We won’t even touch on how everyone in Boston feels about the Sedin Twins.

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On Saturday, Vancouver returns to Boston for the first time since their Game 6 loss that forced that deciding Game 7. But both teams are trying to keep their emotions in check when it comes to facing off against each other once again.

“Obviously we’re going out there with one thing in mind, to win the game,” said forward Patrice Bergeron. “And obviously emotion, intensity, and energy are all key words to winning games so it’s going to be the same thing again Saturday.”

Bruins On Facing Canucks 

“It’s going to be a tough battle and I know it’s going to be an exciting game and we’re all looking forward to it,” said Bruins head coach Claude Julien. “You know we’re going to do the same thing you know, do the job and play the full 60 minutes and worry about the first period right away.”

“I don’t think it will be any different,” said Canucks defenseman Kevin Bieska, looking ahead to just another regular season game. “You guys like to talk about the history we have here, and we lost a couple games, but to me it’s a new season. It’s a regular season game.”

“Standings wise we are up there and they’re up there so obviously it’s a good test for our team playing against a top team in the NHL we know they’ve been hot as of late,” said Tyler Seguin. “And last year we can’t really forget about what happened and we know they are going to come out and fire in at all cylinders.”

“(We’re) just playing one of the best team,” said Vancouver winger Chris Higgins. “Obviously it means a little bit from what happened last year, but I think anytime you play one of the best teams in the league you measure yourselves against it. We don’t play the East team too much so it’s a good game to see where we’re at compared to the East teams.”

Both the Bruins and Cancucks currently have 53 points in the standings, although Vancouver has played four more games than Boston.

But Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault said it best, not much will be decided Saturday afternoon.

“I don’t think if we go in tomorrow and win they’re going to give us the Cup back,” said Vigneault. “We lost that last year and this is a different year, a different team. It’s game 42 and a non-conference game.”

“There are two points on the line, that’s number-one for us,” said Vancouver forward Henrik Sedin. “It’s always special when you face a team that you played before in the playoffs but again, we played Chicago, we played Nashville, we played San Jose, now it’s Boston. So that’s it.”

Canucks On Facing Bruins 

While both teams are looking at this game as one-of-82, they can’t forget the fact that things did get a little chippy from time to time last summer. And despite the fact the Bruins were the aggressors during their Cup run, they know the Canucks can pack a punch if need be.

At least that is what they’re saying.

“I mean we thought they were a pretty physical team as well. So it was pretty physical the series last year and we’re obviously expecting a game like that, that’s the team they are,” said Bergeron, who was on the biting end of Burrows in Game 1. “And they’re a great team. Very good offensively, a lot of depth so it’s going to be a tough game.”

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“When the games were tight, it wasn’t too bad,” said Sedin on the physical play. “I think when the games got out of hand like they did here in Boston, that came along. That’s what happens when the score is the way it was.”

“Maybe it gets you into it a little more; that they’re battle level is going to be pretty high,” said Bieska. “There is no reason ours can’t be the same. Were a physical team, we’re always at the top of the league in hits. It should work in our favor.”

Julien isn’t too worried about his team being overly excited for Saturday’s meeting. He knows that they are more focused on what is ahead this season than what they accomplished last June.

“I think our team is mature enough. We’re a good enough group – we live in the moment. For us I don’t think why we should be higher against Vancouver than any other team,” said Julien. “The Stanley Cup playoff finals were last year, not this year, and we won. It’s not like we have to prove anything. We just have to go out and play hard like we do every night and try and win that game. I don’t think the outcome of Saturday is going to change anything in our life.”

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