By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Cell phone video catches the seconds before Bruins Legend Mike Milbury heads out onto the ice to break up a fight between his son and a 12-year-old player from an opposing team.

A witness who doesn’t want to be identified shot the video and says Milbury grabbed the boy by the scruff of the neck and yelled profanities. Police investigated, but the former Bruin wasn’t charged.

“What I viewed was Mike grabbing that kid and shaking him,” said the hockey dad who witnessed the incident.

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports

He said Milbury’s son, Jake was the aggressor and had the opposing player in a headlock during the scuffle.

On the video, you can see Jake Milbury in the white shirt. The witness said he stopped rolling video when Milbury reached center ice because he was stunned by what he was seeing.

Watch the video:

He said as Mike Milbury approached the two boys, Milbury’s son actually skated away so by the time Milbury got to center ice, there was no fight to break up.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was no need for it. For a hockey father to grab someone else’s kid, words can’t say,” he said.

Milbury’s lawyer released this statement:

“The video that was released is not new and was known to everyone involved in the Clerk Magistrate’s hearing, the matter is closed, Mr. Milbury did nothing at all inappropriate and it’s time for everyone involved to move on.”

We showed the video to Ernie Boch Jr., who sponsors the team Milbury coaches.

“I talked to him about this incident, we’re very sorry it happened but he had his day in court and he’s an amazing guy, coach and legendary Bruins player,” said Boch.

Milbury’s temper was also legendary, but the court believes in this case there was no crime on the ice.

According to a police report received by WBZ-TV (.pdf), the head coach of the Milbury’s team, Jack Hauswirth, refused to be interviewed. Hauswirth was on the ice just feet away from the scuffle and Milbury at the time of the incident.

Comments (12)
  1. faith says:

    I hope people move on and Mike’s life goes back to normal. There have to be more important stories that this

  2. donny says:

    Sorry, but why bother posting this video as though it’s of some relevance?… It’s a joke, right?

  3. D says:

    If anyone else did that to another kid or grown up they would be charged with assult and battery!

  4. DJ says:

    This is a one-sided, after-the-fact hatchet job. According to reports, numerous witnesses, not just this one “witness who doesn’t want to be identified” (how courageous!), testified at the court hearing that cleared Milbury. Yet, now CBS runs this piece with only one witness with a video that he claims he stopped shooting because he was “stunned” at what he saw. At the point he shut the video off, all Milbury was doing was running across the ice toward an obvious fight between two players. Why would that possibly “stun” a reasonable, disinterested by-stander?

  5. Bill says:

    Come on ‘BZ. You are wasting our time with a video that shows NOTHING. And then try to justify it by interviewing someone who won’t show his face. If there’s no story there’s no story.

  6. D says:

    One good video is all I need. Unfortunately this one isn’t it. Because the witness stopped rolling unfortunately he missed the incident. If the video would have actually SHOWN the Millbury grab and shake the 12 year old boy AFTER the altercation was over then that would be enough proof. Was there other witnesses to collaborate what this witness saw? I do agree with the witness that if Millbury did do that to the other boy AFTER the altercation then he wasn’t breaking up a fight. If that were the case then Millbury clearly attacked the boy because he was angry. That is a big difference and that would be acceptable. It doesn’t sound like a good idea for Millbury to be coaching 12 year olds if he has such a bad temper. Especially not his own kid.

  7. blackbear1 says:

    Very poor job WBZ. Too long after the fact.

  8. Dave_D says:

    I can’t believe how one sided this story is: an interview of one person (who doesn’t want to be named) and a video that shows nothing of the incident. If anyone bothers to reads the police report, it appears that the witness accounts varied considerably (depending on which team their sons played). Pretty much what you would expect for a very minor incident.

    The magistrate made right decision. And I would say that WBZ is being a little unfair in airing this badly reported non-story.

  9. Bruins Fan says:

    This is typical media garbage. WBZ tries to act like this is some big story, but this video shows nothing. The only reason people are making a big deal about this incident is because it involves Mike Milbury. If Milbury wasn’t involved, no one would care. And why is WBZ trying to make Jake Milbury the aggressor. The original story and the one that was backed up by witnesses is the kid from Everett was being a punk.

  10. MJ says:

    The Keating kid was trash talking & got what a trash talker tries to get–a response. The father who recorded this conveniently doesn’t have the actual “crime” on his phone. He is a partisan–from the opposing team. To criminalize this event is beyond ridiculous. The nuns who taught me would all be in leg irons if this amounts to a crime. Man up! Save the criminal justice system for criminals, not cream puff sissies that are offended by swearing. Keating should be ashamed to show his face. What a wimp raising a wimp of a kid. He likes to be a bully & then cries to daddy to save him when it all goes predictably bad. Keating owes Milbury an apology, not the other way around.

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