Sure Rick Santorum exceeded expectations in Iowa. But so did Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney had pretty much blown off Iowa. Better to lose with out trying than to lose after giving it your best shot. But he actually defied expectations in Iowa and won. And nothing wins like winning.

So Santorum and Romney both win. The difference is that Romney already has all his negatives baked in, and Santorum is relatively

When the big guns of Santorum’s opposition open up, the situation will change. When the bright light of the inquisitor shines on his flip-flopping underbelly, his contradictions will become apparent.

For example in 2008, Santourm actually endorsed Romney, saying “Governor Romney is the candidate who will stand up for the conservative principles that we hold dear.”

And this was after Romney-care had been signed into law.


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  1. drew starke says:

    that’s funny exceeded expectations?
    of the 2,250,423 voters in the state (using the higher voting-eligible population), only 147,255 came out last night. And of those, only 122,255 voted in the Republican contest, for a turnout percentage of 5.4 percent.
    Whoop de-do, and Romney is now LOSING

  2. drew starke says:

    Wow Miami’s unemployment rate is almost 13%, I am sue everyone at the party was worried about that

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