The playoffs are here and teams are getting ready for Wild Card Weekend. The Houston Texans and the Cincinnati Bengals are set to battle on Saturday at 4:30pm. If the Bengals win over Houston then they’ll be headed to Gillette to play the Patriots on January 14th.

Josh Innes of Sports Radio 610 AM in Houston spoke with Toucher & Rich about the upcoming game between the Texans and Bengals.

Houston’s quarterback going into their playoff game is fifth round draft pick, third string quarterback T.J. Yates. Can he lead this team to victory?

“I know this he’s played relatively well especially the first couple of weeks, they beat Cincinnati they beat Atlanta. I know that a lot of the fans don’t feel comfortable with a third string quarterback going in nor should they.”

The guys discussed some injury concerns surrounding Arian Foster. What is Foster’s status and are there any other players Houston would like to get back before Saturday?

“Foster is fine. The bigger issue you have is the status of Andre Johnson who’s missed I guess two-thirds of the season if not more with multiple hamstring injuries. That’s your bigger issue at this point. If they get him back they become a much better offense.”

If Matt Schaub were healthy would he be at the top of the list of teams that the Patriots would not want to see in the playoffs?



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