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     I never thought I’d say this, but damn the Spin Doctors are driving me nuts this year (and 2011) and I must say, I’m not missing being a part of it.   I was never a Spin Doctor in politics, but as a reporter I was always looking for one, to give me that perfect sound bite, but not this time.   I’ve covered Presidential politics since the late ’60’s-early ’70’s with the New Hampshire first-in-the-nation Presidential primary but I won’t be there this year…..for the first time….and I’m good with that.

     Yes the entire world of news gathering has changed dramatically since those “good ole days” and believe me, none of those changes is for the better.   I still find it exciting, that old manure spreader-pot belly stove kind of politics in New Hampshire is still the American way and I hope it never caves to the Madison Avenue TV-only approach, but it’s beginning to do that.    Yes again this year, the candidates have had to go shake hands with a some strange folk in Iowa (indicative of nothing) and then onto giving speeches to 63 people at a time in a little town hall in somewhere New Hampshire (again representative of nothing in the overall scheme of things) but I must say, the Spin Doctors can’t seem to figure out what’s happening either.    It’s mostly because of attempts to put labels (or spin) on everything……I mean everything that happens…..or doesn’t happen.      Mitt Romney has been the guy to beat from day one……many moons ago….but at no time could he get credit for that……always some doubt.      The first farmer caucus happens in Iowa…Mitt Romney wins….and still, “let us find a reason why that might not count.”    Cut the crap!   He’ll win in N.H. too but that won’t be enough either…the Tea Party may not like him….maybe….could be…..perhaps.    Who the Hell is the Tea Party?     Not sure.   The worst President in American history is now pandering to the Wall Street Occupiers…….Who the Hell are the Occupiers?   (Other than my aforementioned gathering of incredibly stupid people).

     John Mccain endorses Mitt Romney today…….yeah….scream and holler……isn’t this wonderful….gotta be  good thing….Right?  One person even suggested Mccain would be great running mate for Mitt.    Wrong!   A Spin Doctor steps up to say….Mccain couldn’t beat  B.H.O……..Mitt couldn’t beat Mccain…..that is a losing ticket.    Love it.

     Hang in there Spin Doctors….there’s still work to be done.  The irritating Michelle is gone, the knucklehead from Texas soon will be, the smartest of then all, Newtmiester won’t be around long and for the people who still love what Ron Paul has to say…..year after year after year after year…..your job is done.    Yes done…….it’s over…..again.

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  1. pdionpda says:

    Nice piece Gary.

    One thing missing… The legacy of W. I lost my business in 2008. Wasn’t something that Obama did as Pres. He was just inheriting the fallout from “Mission Accomplished”. Oh,buy the way, I worked in four continents and had a chance to see first hand what a positive influence Clinton had on the world. And how quickly W erased it. Yea, “Mission Accomplished” and do your thing big banks, its good for the economy. What the hell, it’s the Government of the People way. Clinton read a book a day. Bush tried very hard to stay sober everyday.

    It’s a sad day for Iowa and the Republicans to place people like Paul and whats his name as the top choices for a person to lead this country. Too much corn….

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