Felger and Massarotti were joined by Jermaine Wiggins to discuss the end of the holiday season and the playoff picture for the New England Patriots.

It’s the first official work day of the New Year, and Felger is ready to move on from the holiday season. Now Felger has to get rid of his Christmas tree and is pumped up about it. Felger, Mazz, and Wiggy went on to discuss how they remove their Christmas tree. What is the proper way to dispose a Christmas tree?

After taking a couple calls about tree removal, the guys got into the Patriots playoff picture. Can this Pats team make it to the Super Bowl? How important is the no-huddle offense to this playoff run?

Troy Aikman of Fox Sports took a couple of shots at the Patriots defense. Is awful a fair way to describe their defense?


  1. Edward Di Biase says:

    it’s time for the Pats to dominate in the playoffs,

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