Felger and Massarotti kicked off the New Year discussing the New England Patriots and the upcoming playoff picture.

The complete Felger and Mazz band are back together today after the holiday break. Mazz told the guys some his stories from his time away, and let’s just say he’s is happy to be back…

The Patriots defeated the Buffalo Bills 49-21 yesterday at Gillette. The win gives the Patriots the #1 seed in the playoffs and home-field advantage throughout.

Felger and Mazz discussed Dan Shaughnessy’s article that the Patriots team is a “house of cards.” Do the guys agree with Shaughnessy? Did this year’s schedule work in the Patriots favor?

Felger & Mazz Discuss Pats In The Playoffs 

After letting the Bills score 21-straight to start the game, how can the Patriots improve their 1st half performances?

And is there any clear favorite in the AFC, or is the conference up for grabs by any of the six playoff teams?


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