QUINCY (CBS) – Police are looking for a man accused of terrorizing his ex-wife on Christmas morning.

Michael Toldness, 40, of Mashpee, allegedly broke into a Quincy home where the victim and her children were sleeping around 5 a.m., December 25.

Investigators say Toldness assaulted the woman with a dangerous weapon before sexually assaulting her.

Toldness took off when police say one of the children woke up and witnessed part of the assault.

Police think Toldness is driving a 2004 Dodge Ram pick- up truck with a cab on the back and the Massachusetts commercial license plate p40741.

They also believe he may be in the Mashpee area.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Quincy police.

Comments (3)
  1. thor's hammer says:

    michael, michael, michael. hear that ticking noise in your head? your time breathing the same air as decent people is winding down, just like 2011. you need to be in “protective custody” (no more than 4 feet in diameter, no windows, no computer, no tv, no phone, 2 hrs of light a day and a slot in the door for your 1 meal a day. certainly, don’t try to petition the court to have the kids forced to visit with you. consider your living quarters to be for your own good. you deserve nothing but contempt. nobody’s going to buy the jive that will no doubt come at your arraignment, so your court appointed lawyer and family can save their breath. one of your kids witnessed your evilness. let “why daddy?” echo in your head for the rest of your miserable life.

    1. al4624 says:

      very well said thor’s hammer!!! this guy needs to pay for what he did….what a pathetic excuse for a human….how could anyone do this to their family on any day never mind christmas….horrible story and i feel so terrible for this poor woman and her family…..

  2. Cassidy says:

    My father doesn’t deserve to be in protective custody. He doesn’t deserve to be in jail period. No one has heard what REALLY happened from his point of view. So stop acting like you know what your talking about. I love my dad, I would never be forced to see him. Don’t feel bad for me or my family. We would be perfectly fine without your awful comments.

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