LOWELL (CBS) – UMass-Lowell Police have identified a fan wanted for attacking a referee at a junior high school basketball game earlier this week.

They’re not releasing his name, but authorities say he’s the father of a Lowell Junior High player.

Police say a spectator angered by a foul call threw a water bottle at the referee during a game Tuesday night at UMass-Lowell’s recreation center.

Then, investigators say, he punched the ref and knocked him to the ground when he tried to call 911 from the lobby.

The referee wasn’t seriously hurt.

UMass-Lowell police say the man came to them after seeing reports of what happened.

“He came in voluntarily after seeing the story on the news and provided his version of the incident. Charges may be filed in Lowell District Court pending the completion of the investigation,” UMass-Lowell Police Lt. Melissa Mullen said in a statement Friday.

  1. good sport says:

    fine example to the youngsters. an embarassment to his family. besides the potential criminal charges, he should be banned from any school function for a year (at least). parents should be made to sign a code of conduct contract for any activity their child(ren) try out for. the kids can’t be held responsible for the parent’s boorish behavior. joining in, however should result in revokation of the privilege to participate in school activities. actions have consequences, and there are no acceptable excuses.

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