BOSTON (CBS) – Verizon Wireless plans to starting charging its subscribers $2 every time they pay their wireless bills online or directly over the phone.

The new “convenience fee” will start January 15.

Verizon issued a statement explaining the move on its website Thursday.

“The fee will help allow us to continue to support these single bill payment options in these channels and is designed to address costs incurred by us for only those customers who choose to make single bill payments in alternate payment channels (online, mobile, telephone). It is waived for those who pay by electronic check or enroll in AutoPay — we encourage customers to use those or other payment options that incur no fees.”

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  1. TBerc Bean says:

    the whole point of online banking was to save the COMPANIES processing money and postage and less people to handle checks etc…now they turn it around on US? and charge us a fee back? WTF?…We should start a campaign to turn ON your paperless billing so they HAVE to mail everyone out statements…Just to F them in postage Costsal

  2. Michael Sites says:

    This is typical of large entities – utilities, banks, etc., trying to nickel and dime us with unnecessary fees for transactions which cost them nothing. However, I find Verizon wireless the best wireless service, so I guess once again I’ll have to bite the bullet and give in.

  3. ann says:

    all i do this where i do my food shopping you can pay phones and lights bills at the market when you do your shopping and its free

  4. Rhonda says:

    You would think that VERIZON IS CHARGING ENOUGH FEES! I plan on switching carriers.

  5. John S. says:

    Verizon is one of the main companies in America exhibiting corporate greed in America – I chose to NEVER do business with them EVER! Verizon continues to blatantly thumb their nose at Americans along with large institutions like Bank of America and AT&T. What is wrong with these people? They seem to have forgotten that it is Americans who helped them be successful in the first place! they should be more appreciative of the business that Americans have given them over the years. This is why we have maverick organizations like Occupy Wall Street pestering businesses and legitimate companies who are not greedy!

    Government SHOULD NOT get involved because whenever they do they make things worse, however, Verizon should take long hard look at their business practices and do something to thank all the people who made them successful to begin with. Without American customers they’d be nothing!!

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