BOSTON (CBS) – Whitey Bulger was rushed to the hospital last week. The I-Team has learned the Boston mobster has been treated recently for health problems.

He was taken to Boston for treatment but is now back at the Plymouth correctional facility.

Sources tell WBZ it was sometime last week that Bulger was rushed to Boston Medical Center with chest pains.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

The 82-year-old has a history of heart problems. In fact, prosecutors played a video in court showing Bulger’s companion Catherine Greig walking into a Santa Monica, California drug store to allegedly buy medicine for him using a fake ID.

Relatives of Bulger’s victims are hoping he’ll hold on to his health.

“I’d like to see him live long enough to be tried, convicted, suffer a little bit like he made all the victims suffer and all their families,” says Steven Davis. His sister, Debra Davis, was one of Bulger’s 19 alleged murder victims.

Davis says, “If he dies before he’s tried, he’s going to take all his sins to the grave with him.”

After authorities captured Bulger and Greig last summer, agents said he bragged about how they had traveled to Tijuana, Mexico several times while they were on the lam for 16 years. He allegedly told agents they were able to buy drug called “Atenolol” which is used to treat chest pain and high blood pressure.

Sources tell the I-Team that doctors at Boston Medical Center advised Bulger to stay in the hospital for further treatment, but that the ex-fugitive mobster chose to go back to the Plymouth County correctional facility.

Bulger’s attorney, J.W. Carney Jr. says, “I do not comment on my clients’ health.”

  1. buddy says:

    You know what is really bothersome. Kevin Weeks or as he is know AKA Kevin Squeaks the rat that he is and John Martorano are both walking the streets of Mass free men. Martorano himself is responsible for 19 hits, perhaps at the behest of Bulger but nonetheless he carried out the jobs and made a deal? What I cannot understand is how can the federal government make such deals for murderous thugs such as these two?

    Oh sorry now back to the rat Weeks. He was an enforcer for Bulger. He was the lookout when Edward Brian Halloran was gunned down along with another associate Michael Donahue. I always thought criminals could not profit from the heinous acts they commit but not the case with this Rat. His book Brutal: My Life in Whitey Bulger’s Irish Mob was a best seller. I have never read the book and would never consider it.

    My point being sure Whitey is a thug but no less than the two I mention here. Can you imagine living near either one of these low life thugs all the while knowing they had taken part in over 19 murderous acts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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