BOSTON (CBS) – Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Erin Brady, according to several reports.

Tyler, 63, has been dating the 38-year-old Brady since 2006.

He has been married twice before. In 1979-1987, he was married to Cyrinda Foxe. Then in 1998, he married clothing designer Teresa Barrick before getting a divorce in 2006.

According to TMZ, Tyler’s family is unhappy with the engagement news.

Tyler has a home in Marshfield.

  1. Italo says:

    Wow, it’s pretty sad and scary when you can’t tell which is the girlfriend, and which one is Steve! She’s not stupid–there must be a pretty sharp lawyer and prenuptial agreement in there. He’s more made over and uglier than the Big Dig. I hope she at least coats her lips with sanitizer before trying to get close enough to kiss him!

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