BOSTON (CBS) – Meet the Parkington Sisters, four sisters from Cape Cod rising fast in the music world.

When they open for soul legend Mavis Staples at Symphony Hall on New Year’s Eve, it’s probably going to be their biggest show yet.

“I’m trying not to look at it that way because I think I’ll lose my mind,” says Nora Parkington.

WBZ-TV’s Lisa Hughes reports

We met Nora and her sisters Ariel, Sarah and Rose at a recent performance in Boston, where they were delivering their unique brew of indie/folk with a classical twist.

Their ages run from 23 to 32 and they grew up on Cape Cod, in a house in Wellfleet filled with music. Their parents, both musicians, made them practice every night.

“We’ve grown up playing music, you know, so it’s always just been in our lives,” says Ariel.

Adds Nora: “We weren’t the kids who watched TV. We didn’t even have TV’s. We like missed out on all those types of TV jokes.”

The four sisters, including a fifth, Lydia, who is still in college studying music, are all trained as classical musicians.

And that’s going to make playing at Symphony Hall even more thrilling.

“The sound, I’m just so excited about the acoustics,” says Sarah. “Just to hear what it’s like to be on that stage with my sisters and playing our music.”

Says Rose: “It’s sort of like the Holy Grail right now because we’re all classically trained.”

As they prepare to step into the spotlight of First Night, the sisters say their lives are almost totally consumed by their music.

“For us now it’s really our life,” says Ariel.

  1. pbandj says:

    We love The Parkington Sisters! Wish we could be there NYE for an amazing show. Super thrilled there are lots of new fans for this talented group.

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