The Celtics lost their first two games of the season, but the scores were close. Comcast Sports Net Celtics Play by Play man Mike Gorman joined DA to talk a little C’s.

Are these two close losses a sign that the Green can hang with any team or that they will just fall short? Gorman thinks the Celtics should get cut a little slack for not having Paul Pierce in the first two games.

They also discussed Rajon Rondo’s play in these first two games and whether or not the offseason trade talks motivated him.

Does Gorman think that this year’s bench in better than last year’s?

During training camp Doc Rivers said that Jermaine O’Neal was the MVP at camp, but in these games he hasn’t really shown that. What’s happened to the center and if he can’t get it done what options does Doc have?

He also tells us we should expect to see the rookies tonight in New Orleans.


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