BEVERLY (CBS) – An old, historic building in Beverly built almost 300 years ago will soon be torn down.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports.

The first period home in North Beverly was built in 1715. The building now houses a real estate office.

But, in the upcoming year, it will be torn down to make way for a new Walgreens location.

Even though some city officials aren’t happy about, the building’s current owners have every right to replace the building.

Joan Nesbit, who works at the building, is convinced that there’s a ghost in the attic that may not be happy with the plans for demolition.

“When I’m here late at night, I’ll be working in the computer room and I’ll hear a rustling. I’m not the only one who has heard it also. There are a couple of other people who have heard it. We call it ‘The Ghost,'” said Nesbit.

Ghost or no ghost, the building will be torn down in 2012.

Comments (53)
  1. Ann says:

    SO if they take the building down and piut walgreens there
    they will still have ghost and they will be there first customers in the store.

  2. Massimo Deportado says:

    Democrats do whatever they can, whenever they can, to destroy Americas history and culture. Because George Soros tells them to do so.

    WarBomba, best President, EVAH!

    1. ron raygun II` says:

      you’re a true moron

      1. Linda Moore says:

        I will second that!

      2. Vera Carroll says:

        I third that

  3. Josephx says:

    I am all for capitalism and business but there is also something to say about the great rush we are in to obliterate anything of traditional America: Its buildings, its culture, and even its people.

    1. Massimo Deportado says:

      No, WE are not. THEY, the progressives aka OWS, are taking great delight in the fall of the USA.

      It’s called: democrats in good standing.

      1. donny says:

        Troll Massimo,

        Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

    2. stanleycustom says:

      The building, while 297 years old, is most certainly not entirely original. Over the years electricity and HVAC have surely been added. While some of the structure is original a heafty portion is not.

      The owners of the property have every right to demolish if they want. Want it saved? Raisw private funds to have it moved.

  4. Ray says:

    1718…the US didn’t even exist at that time…where’s the editor?

    1. Robin says:

      What in he11 are you talking about? Settlers were here long before 1776 or don’t they teach that in public school anymore?

    2. Daniel Cloud Montgomery says:

      Are you serious? Do you think America just appeared in 1776 out of thin air? You think there was a black void here before that date?

      NOWHERE in the article does it call it a 1715-built USA building. It is called a historic building. God the children of today, in 20 years will ask, “What is a Constitution? Have we ever had one of those?” All the while they will be working on FEMA farms.

    3. Tommy says:

      My great-great….great grandfather got here in 1627. It may not have been called the USA at the time but it was certainly here.

      1. tssaall says:

        Wow Tommy what a wonderful feeling to trace your family back to the some of the original settlers

    4. Chris says:

      The Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower in the winter of 1621. There were Native American Indians here at least 100 years before that.

      1. tmatya says:

        More like several thousand

    5. Linda Moore says:

      Ray must have attended public school in LA.

      The Spanish began to establish Missions all over California beginning with their first explorations in 1530 and coastal California in 1602.

      1. Linda Moore says:

        Boston was founded 1630. The building can be seen here:

  5. cynthia says:

    Why must an histoic building( it is 300 yrs old!) be torn down? Can Walgreens not find a way to incorporate the building into a store??? Yes there is the arguement for moving into the future, but, isn’t there a way to keep the past??

    1. Frank Rizzo says:

      Want to save the building? Buy it!

      1. Dennis says:


    2. Linda Moore says:

      This is the fault of the local politicians who have allowed the building permit for Walgreens to tear down the building. And you can bet Walgreens paid a lot in cash “consulting fees” to the local zoning board et al to get this passed.

      Wake up people…your environment is for sale to the highest paying lobbyist.

  6. not sure says:

    Who needs history in an Idiocracy?

  7. Jen says:

    sure – because what this world needs is another Walgreen’s right

  8. David Heath says:

    How on earth is this allowed to take place? Have Americans no regard for their own history? Britain should step in and put pressure; this house predates the United States itself! SHAME! Why is no-on picketing Walgreens (whatever that is) HQ?

    1. Jeff says:

      Good grief. OWS much? Americans also regard personal property rights.

    2. orlandorays says:

      Good question. Where’s Occupy on this?

    3. Merica says:

      Because walgreens is HQ in Illinois and the more walgreens that are built the more money comes into Illinois so then the state can give those (who would picket) more state money to not picket. So you will have no protest at HQ unless you can import those in massachusetts here to illinois. Only problem with that is when the massachusetts protestors show up they too will see all the free goodies the bankrupt state gives to the non workers that they too will stay and not picket. But this is what walgreens does, they target the most historic sturctures to tear down.

    4. dbeall says:

      It’s called private property rights David. Perhaps you’ve heard of the concept.

  9. BrerFox says:

    I have rustling in my attic, too. It’s squirrels.

    History is important and it’s critical to save the artifacts of the past. Why doesn’t the Beverly Historical Commission step and do somethng??

    1. Jeff says:

      Do what, exactly? Forcibly take the property from its rightful owner so that he/she can’t do what they want with it?

      1. bsm says:

        Right…the govermnet never “forcibly” takes stuff from us.

      2. John says:

        the wonderful local, state and federal govt takes about 35% of my rightfully earned income for 20 years and I will never benefit from most of what they put the money into. Our government focibly takes stuff all the time – it is call emminant domain! Look it up

      3. jay justin says:

        Jews don’t want us to have any American history unless we figure some way to include them. What a pitiful group.

  10. 500Brains says:

    Need a picture of said structure to pass judgement. It likely has been burned down and rebuilt many times over the 300 years and bears no resemblance or materials to anything from that long ago. Article is lacking as usual.

  11. Veritas says:

    Why tear it down? Remove it brick by brick to a new location.

    1. Jeff says:

      You gonna; pay for that?

      1. Locke says:

        Walgreens can.

  12. Gibbs Bentley says:

    “A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”
    – Frank Lloyd Wright


  13. Ron says:

    Just because something is old doesn’t make it ‘historic’.
    I bet they didn’t post a picture because it’s a piece of ….

  14. Veritas says:

    No, I’ll donate the money instead to your school so they can teach lazy dimwits like you how to write and speak proper English. “Gonna;”??? As for who pays for the relocation, locals and historical societies are often the ones interested in doing that and if not, then down it comes.

  15. paulfromTexas says:

    In America, we tear it down and build new…just the way it is folks….
    it will fall down anyway…
    West of where I live is a dugout house in a hillside. some poor man dug it and his family lived in it during the Depression.
    Now, though there is a history to it, it remains a hole in the ground,.

  16. Will Malven says:

    First, the article is of the quality I’ve come to expect from today’s “journalists.” The accompanying picture is of that rarely seen architectural entity, a Walgreen’s storefront. I’m certainly glad they didn’t bore us with a picture of the actual building about which the article is supposed to be about..I mean, that might delude us into believing there was actual journalism involved.

    Second, as painful as it is, this is one of the prices we pay for our liberty. The fundamental right–the right our Founding Fathers trumpeted above all others was the right to own property, including oneself. It’s not the government’s business what a private property owner does with him property, provided he doesn’t threaten others by his actions.

    Unless this building is of actual historical significance–as in “Washington slept here”–there is no recourse nor justification for the government to interfere.

    You want to save this building, then pony up the cash and buy it.

  17. dbeall says:

    The owners of the building have every right to do with it as they please. They OWN it. The age of the building is irrelevant.

    1. Smitty says:

      Sorry it’s MA regular citizens haven’t any rights but axles were probably well greased

  18. Chris Philips says:

    The owner of the building can do whatever he wants with it, as long as he obeys local, state and federal regulations. All the hand-wringers out there concerned about the fate of the building are welcome to pool their resources, buy it at market value and turn it into a museum, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. It’s easy for the sniveling 99-ers to whine about something, as long as they don’t have to put any actual effort into follow-through.

  19. Dave says:

    There’s a pic of it in this article. Doesn’t look at all like it’s original. Looks like a lot of renovations over the last 300 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if only the frame and foundation are original.

  20. tssaall says:

    I would think there would be a way to put the house on the historical register. It’s incredibly sad that we do not honor the history of this country – and telling.

  21. Bob in Beverly says:

    and what about the increased traffic as a result of Walgreens ?? 1A is already a disaster.
    About to get alot worse.

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