What a balmy start to the day! Waking up at 1 AM in the morning finally paid off today! Walking out the door temps were in the 50’s thanks to the southerly winds which accompanied last night’s rainfall. Winds 50+mph created scattered wind damage. Gust over 50 were found from Lowell to Dorcester to Marblehead. The Blue Hill weather observatory had the peak gust of 71 mph last night. The has now lifted into Canada. This morning, we have been in a bit of a lull with the wind…still from the WSW…which is still keeping temps in the 40’s.

Big changes are likely by the afternoon. Air flowing from high pressure in to low pressure creates wind. The stronger the high and low..the stronger the wind. A cold front will be pushing through around noon today. There are plenty of left over clouds this morning in SNH, western and central MA. Some of these clouds will push to the coast around lunch time along with the cold front. Winds will shift and pick up from the WNW this afternoon and temperatures will continue to free fall right through the evening with colder air draining in from Canada. Increasing sunshine later this afternoon with temps falling into the 30’s. It will get cold fast once the sun sets. Clear skies and blustery winds tonight will drop temps into the teens and 20’s overnight. These strongWNW winds be upsloping up the western slopes of the Green mountains. This should allow some ski areas to pick up a new 3-6″ of snow…which is very welcome news.

A cold bright Thursday with temps near 30-35 degrees. Breezy west winds will make temps feel in the 20’s. Winds will not be as strong. A weak fast moving clipper low will approach on Friday. This will bring clouds and the risk for a few rain or snow showers especially by afternoon. The best chance of flakes will be in northern New England. SW  winds will spike temps into to 40-45 in southeast MA, while most will hold in the 30’s with mostly cloudy skies and a fast moving light wintry mix.

Weak high pressure builds in for Saturday. Low clouds in place for much of the day trapped in by NE winds with highs in the 30’s. Clouds will start to break late and will likely give way to a partly cloudy First Night with temps in the upper 20’s to near 30 for the festivities.High pressure pushes off the coast Sunday with a warmer flow from the SW. Clouds will be increasing ahead of a cold front which could trigger a few more scattered rain of snow showers. Again, the best chance of flakes will be in the north.

A deep upper level trough will be digging in behind this front to start off next week. Temperatures will be plummeting with gusty NW winds Monday through Tuesday. Temps at 850 will range from -14 to -20, which will keep temps in the 20’s by Tuesday.

Comments (7)
  1. WeatherWizard says:

    Thank you Joe.

  2. matt souza says:

    If that forcasts holds thank god .i hope highs do not go abover freezing tuesday that would be nice .

    1. Roger says:

      You’re just weird.

  3. BaileyMan says:

    Hey All! Hope all the snowstorm fans (like me) are surviving this snowless winter season?! …Nothing appears to be out there for snow lovers in the near future…outside of a few snow showeres during the next few days. I feel that although the long range forecast (5 to 10 days out) shows now major snowstorm for SNE…that things will likely change during the early to mid portion of next week…and that we will be influenced by a sneaky east coast storm around that time next week! …pattern trends seem to indicate that…at least the way I see it. Anyway, we shall see. Have a Great night all and Happy New Year!

    1. BaileyMan says:

      i mean late portion of next week…sorry i was analyzing data 4 days in advance and projecting 4 days ahead! …too much wine today..ha! …so next thursday thru saturday is the time to watch 5 thru 7th of Jan.

  4. Rob Rose says:

    Ahhhh, WeatherWizard….much better! Silence is golden

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