Jon Heyman of CBSSports joined the midday show with D.A. for his weekly call-in on Tuesday, shedding some light on the Red Sox pitching staff and what to expect out of them in 2012.

There have been thoughts of moving Daniel Bard and Alfredo Aceves to the starting rotation for 2012. Does Heyman think these guys could handle the change?

“Bard I might say it’s fairly difficult because he’s had some track record and it hasn’t been all positive. Acevces I have a lot of faith in…he can do a lot of things, pitch out of the pen and start, and do both well.”

If both players end up making the move to the starting rotation the Sox are then faced with some empty spots in the bullpen, and Heyman thinks their focus needs to be on getting a closer.

“I think they need to go out and get a closer right now; that’s what they need. (Mark) Melanson did well as a closer for Houston; I don’t know if he’s a closer in the AL East,” said Heyman.

He also discussed the Gio Gonzalez deal that almost was, but wasn’t for Boston.

“I thought in the last day it was going to be Washington just because they have so many prospects… Boston spent a fair amount on prospects but I don’t think any team has spent as much as Washington,” he said. “Boston gave it their best shots. I hear they offered a position player heavy deal.”

Also, Heyman gives insight on MLB free agents, like first baseman Prince Fielder, and where they may land.



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