LEOMINSTER (CBS) – A musical snowman in Leominster’s Monument Square has been a familiar sight in the past few years, but it’s the placement of that snowman that’s causing some controversy.

The snowman has been set up every year since 2009, and sits in front of the town’s firefighters memorial, which went up in 2008.

Over the weekend, Roger LaPointe, the town’s fire department historian, complained about the snowman’s location on his Facebook page.

“I don’t mean to be a scrooge, but what do we have to say or do to get rid of the jolly snowman blocking our firefighters monument in the common? Despite our numerous requests, and considering the (line of duty deaths) of the Worcester and Peabody firefighters, it is still there making our department unable to pay tribute to these heroic firefighters,” LaPointe said.

Mayor Dean J. Mazzarella told the Worcester Telegram & Gazette that people seem to enjoy the snowman, but town officials will think about moving it to a different location for next year.

Comments (2)
  1. Nad says:

    Oh, for God’s sake, lighten up. We acknowledge the sacrifices made by the brave firefighters, and we are indebted to them, but the world does not revolve around you.

  2. Tim says:

    We will Never donate another nickel to the leominster fire dept again. Take your stone down to the cemetery & let people enjoy Christmas.

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