The NTSB would like states to pass legislation banning both texting and talking on cell phones while driving.

I have predicted that local residents will want no part of such a thing so I have taken the Jay Talking camera out to find out. Was I right or was I wrong?

Even if people say they would favor a ban, actually honoring it is quite another thing. Do you really think people are going to wait till they can pull over to make a call? No way. I believe even those who favor such a law will break it.

I don’t care what anyone says, the cell phone horse is out of the barn and it’s never coming back. As I have said before, America is all about protecting the right to be wrong.

We have the right to paint our house mint green to annoy the neighbors, we have the right to wear pajama bottoms in public, and we have the right to endanger our lives and the lives of others by talking on the cell phone while driving.

How about if we actually practiced common sense without “the man” telling us we have to?

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  1. GoodNeighbor says:

    There is no law against eating broken glass because it only harms the one who does it. However, roads are shared by the public, and laws that are created to protect the public against idiots do not violate the rights of the idiots. They just stop the idiot from harming others.

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