BOSTON (CBS) – At the request of Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, the Massachusetts State Police will retrieve and release data from the state vehicle  he was driving in when he crashed on Route 190 in Sterling on November 2.

In a letter to the State Police, Murray writes, “As an elected official I am rightfully held to a higher standard and I believe you can make this information public in this instance without threatening your standard procedures for all other accident investigations.”

According to State Police, modules in the vehicle capture data from 20 seconds prior to the crash impact and from five seconds following the impact. Among the type of data it captures is vehicle speed, throttle position, engine RPMs, braking status, airbag deployment, whether a seat belt was worn, and a change in velocity. It does not capture time of the crash or location of the vehicle.

After the crash, Murray told reporters he was driving alone up Interstate 190 to look at storm damage and was headed back south when he hit a patch of ice on the road around 5:30 a.m. Murray’s home is about 12 miles from the accident scene.

At the time State Police said, “There is no evidence to suggest the operator was speeding. There was no evidence of any causation factor other than the road condition.”

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